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Hogmanay Live (2003) (TV)
Not Hamish's best performance, 5 September 2007

Hamish Clark was a better than average stand up comic but you wouldn't know it from his performance in this show. I don't know if all the acting has made him more reliant on prepared material and less able to deliver in his natural humorous manner but something went badly wrong.

Hamish was professional and did cope with the vagueries of live TV which is why I gave this show a 5 not a 1 but this isn't a true representation of how good Hamish is as a comedian.

Jackie Bird however is a great host on this difficult show and even copes well with interacting with Hamish.

As I remember this was one of the years when the weather caused parts of the festivities to be cancelled at short notice. (It was raining and there were high winds.)