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First View, 12 July 2010

The casting is great, the writing snappy and it was a treat to see Billy Burke outside of the Twilight saga. Wonderful to see Angie Harmon on PrimeTime again, also Sasha Alexander! I'm glad that it's not obliquely PC nor horribly liberal as so many shows are wont to be. I like the exchange between the cast as that is something you see after several years together. Can't wait to see the upcoming series. Just enough intrigue, suspense, humor and crisp writing to keep it suspenseful. I love Lorraine Bracco as her mother (is she old enough to be her mother???)

I enjoy the fact they don't treat the viewers as stupid, allowing us to see the episode in an intelligent and forthright manner. You cheer for the protagonist, have a clear definition of the antagonist. Thank you, writers for bringing another great series to TNT.