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Not the Mummy We Remember-But Still an Excellent Movie
7 August 2008
I was looking forward to this movie. Then as I read more and more negative reviews, I started to get a little worried. I loved the first 2 and didn't want this to ruin the series. I left the movie in a happy mood. It was quite a good movie. Why it received all the bad reviews I don't know. There are a few bits which I don't get. Yeti's okay. But ones which have human emotions and act like people-NO The Emperor turning into horribly created and ugly looking CGI-disaster monsters.-TOO FAR.

But apart from that, it's rather interesting. Maria Bello brings her own style to Eve. Not as good as Rachel Weisz of course, but there you go. The actions scenes are impressive. Jet Li makes a brilliant appearance as the sadistic villain. CGI is superb at times but terrible in others plus the supporting cast pull off great performances and it's good to see Jonathan as his usual self. When watching this film, don't think too hard about character development, camera angles, plot details etc, just sit back and have fun at the movies.

Not Dark Knight material but it's definitely worth a look.

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Hancock (2008)
Unique Superhero Movie but a Few Changes Necessary
10 July 2008
Everyone can agree that Hancock is a brilliantly thought out movie. An unwanted, drunk, and careless superhero and how he deals with the public hating him.

Will Smith is the only actor who could possibly fit this role. With the perfect blend of comedy and drama he pulls off this role successfully. It contains comedy at the right moments and the dramatic tension has been carefully executed.

Like all my reviews there is always something I pick on. I kind of agree with other reviewers when they say you can only play the "un-wanted superhero" for a short time. What do you do after that? We can see the writers perhaps struggled with.

The other question. Where is he villain? Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk. Indiana Jones. Dark Knight all had memorable and evil villains. It was hard to distinguish who the antagonist was in this film. But I guess its mostly about Hancock and his struggle.


Maybe not the best movie of the summer, but definitely worth a look.

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Brilliant-But There's Something Missing
24 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Indiana Jones is back and better than ever. The great chase sequences and brilliant jokes are back along with some great characters. The plot is a little thin but the Indy we know and love is back to show a new generation that he is the ultimate hero. I think the Aliens were a good idea and thankfully they didn't make it too E.T. like and it managed to fit into the story. The Jungle Chase rivals the Tank Chase and Mine Chase and it's good to see the bugs, daring chases, memorable villains, and brilliant set pieces back for a return. But as I gradually watched the film I realised something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it and still can't. I don't know what it is but there was something missing that was present in the other 3 films. Was it because the Nazis were missing? the Special Effects were different?, the Aliens changed it? I don't know. I think that the music was missing. The Jungle Chase was a bit quiet and the Raiders March wasn't played very much. Johnny Williams did let me down. However, Indy's back and he's much better than I thought he would be. Indiana is the ultimate hero and his return is one of the best in the series. Bring on Indy V.
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Iron Man (2008)
A Fantastic Addition To The Superhero Genre
3 May 2008
Iron Man is not your typical superhero movie. Forget the screaming fans, the nerdy boy who becomes the hero, the mad scientists and the radiation experiment gone wrong. This is perhaps the perfect superhero movie. From the mind of Stan Lee comes Iron Man played brilliantly by Robert Downey J, a film with comedy, jaw-dropping effects, great villains, unique action sequences and a plot that would make Spiderman's missions look quite lame. Robert Downey Jr. Is perfect in the role as the owner of a company which builds weapons. Frankly I could not have thought of a better person in the role as Tony Stark. If you enjoy movies like Spider-Man, Transformers and X-Men then this movie is for you. The Incredible Hulk and the Dark Knight have some very stiff competition at the box office.
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One of the Best Disney Movies Ever!
6 March 2008
101 Dalmations is perhaps the Best Disney film ever made. The story, characters, animation, detail, colour and music was spot on. I mean who doesn't love this movie? Cruella De Vil is definitely one of the best Disney Villains of all time. She's wonderfully evil and cruel. Skinning puppies is quite a ruthless plan which can scare audiences. We can easily see that the animators have out a lot of work into this film. The voice talents were cast perfectly. Betty Lou Gerson nailed it as Cruella.

101 Dalmations is a film which should be remembered and treasured forever.

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A Great Sequel! Better than the First!
11 February 2008
National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the sequel to the hugely successful National Treasure. In my opinion it is better than the first.

Better characters, better story and better action. The storyline is fantastic with great twists and turns that the audience doesn't expect. With great locations and stunning set pieces it's just nearly as good as Indiana Jones.

Nicolas Cage is a great actor who is successful in any role.

It's another great movie from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, one of today's greatest action movie producers. If yo thought National Treasure then prepared to be amazed at National Treasure: Book of Secrets
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300 (2006)
A Different and Unique Epic War Movie!
12 January 2008
300 is not your traditional war movie. The battles, characters, colours, story and action are different and unique. The battle sequences are the some of the best I have ever seen and they have been filmed in very interesting ways. The use of colour is extraordinary. Whether this is historically accurate I don't know, but at times it can be very fantasy like. The choice of using unknown actors makes the movie even more special. However the only downside is Gerard Butler as King Leonidas. He continuously changes his accent. The first half of the movie he's English, then speaking with a thick Scottish accent, and then back to an English accent. What's that all about? Apart from that minor problem, 300 is a fantastic war movie which should be enjoyed by all.
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A Fantastic War Movie!
30 December 2007
The Longest Day stars just about every big name of the 1960's. It was the most expensive back and white film until Schindler's List came along.

The attention to detail is excellent. It shows the true horrors of the D-Day Landings and the sacrifices and struggles those men went through.

The idea of showing both sides makes it a unique piece of work. Usually we are used to just seeing the Americans and the British. However in The Longest Day we get to see the successes, failures, struggles and victories of both sides.

You are bound to find an actor you like. Every big name at that time makes an appearance. Look out for, John Wayne, Gert Frobe, Curt Jurgens, Kenneth More and a very young an unknown Sean Connery.

If you enjoy war movies, then The Longest Day is for you!

Thanks for reading.
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Hitman (I) (2007)
Not as Bad as Everyone Thinks!
8 December 2007
This film has received mostly negative reviews and really I don't see why. Hit-man is the perfect blend of action, comedy, girls, and interesting characters. Timothy Olyphant was born to play Hit-man. He is a great central character. The story is a little confusing but with the amount of action you don't really care. There are enough jokes without making it too silly and stupid. I haven't played the game so I don't know how close it is to the game. Dougray Scott is brilliant as the Interpol Detective sent out to catch this man responsible for over 100 deaths. At about 1 hour and 30 minutes, it's just the right length.

Hit-man is a great movie with some very interesting action. Check it out.

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Beowulf (2007)
Another Great Movie from Zemekis
3 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Beowulf is another film from director Robert Zemekis. He has used the same animation technique as used in the Polar Express. Beowulf is fantastic. The detail and care taken when animating these characters has been brilliant. At times I did think these men were real people. The plot is a little bit thin but the action leaves you on the edge of your seat. Don't be fooled by the 12 rating. It's the first time I've seen animated blood and guts and the language used in it is a bit unsuitable for young kids. Beware: It gets very noisy and could frighten kids.

Anyway, on the bright side, it's full of interesting characters and has a fantastic climax.

By the way, I don't know why everyone is making a fuss over Angelina Jolie. She's in 3 scenes and that's it.

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