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Whoopee! (1930)
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Simply amazing!, 6 March 2002

This film seems ahead of its time in regard to technical advances, such as color and visual effects. The acting is hilarious, though a little slow in a couple of scenes. A great one for late-night relaxing... comedy, music, singing, and choreography that appeal to lovers of early films AND modern progress shown by many film makers of the 1930 era.

God's Army (2000)
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A negative look at a positive environment., 18 February 2002

Director / lead actor Dutcher revels in this look-at-me film, wherein he attempts to gain worldly acceptance for tarnishing the otherwise very upbeat world of Mormon missionaries. Some of the acting is fair. But some roles are unrealistic, i.e. the ominous (rather than fatherly) Mission President, etc. The film does give a fair look at how some missionaries may struggle with their faith, but the actual missionary program he claims to represent is far from his concept of it, in terms of being upbeat, cohesive, and inspired. The only inspiration I see in this film is Dutcher's self-inspiration. The film is slow and boring, and the shooting and screenplay look like a college student project.

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A looks-good, feels-good, ends good film., 15 February 2002

The charm of the North Georgia Mountains as they used to be, coupled with the human warmth of the acting captured on beautiful color filming, makes this film a perennial classic. The story of a moderate minister and the ordeals he faces, as his wife faces her own. They come to combine their trials as well as their triumphs. A glimpse at olden times, but which reveals that folks back then were quite like us. Yet wholesome and safe for the entire family.

Billy Jack (1971)
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The lead (Laughlin's) character is super. But the film is pure schlock., 13 February 2002

Tom Laughlin is a very impressive and decent individual, who possesses the ability to back up his beliefs. We all want Billy jack to win. We all want to be Billy Jack. But stand back and really look at the film, and the conservative Billy Jack is holding up banners of radical movements. His character is superb, but the overall film is schlocky, and looks like it could have been a college student film project.

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Charming, exciting; danger, romance; conflict, resolution., 9 February 2002

Filmed in the gorgeous North Georgia Mountains where the true story occurred. Absolutely charming scenery, sets, and acting. A wide spectrum of human nature is examined in an overall feel-good film that the whole family can watch.

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Stunning scenery, fun family flick., 8 February 2002

In 1976, at the height of the John Denver phenomenon, all us college kids flocked to the theatres to see the awesome Rocky Mountain scenery. The story did not appeal nearly as much then, as it does now, watching my kids watch it. In midlife I have come to enjoy it in totality. The scenes (Utah and British Columbia) are breathtaking. The child actors are spunky and yet charming. Logan is inimitable in his mannerisms. After a while you are drawn into the situation as though you are part of it. Sit down with the kids or grandkids and enjoy it over and over.

My Bill (1938)
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Surprising twists that tug at the heart!, 4 February 2002

A film full of many surprises and suspenseful twists, cemented by a deep human compassion which must stand up against overwhelming cruelty. Humanity wins out. Also a touching, real-feelings appearance by Hattie McDaniel, pioneering black actress.

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Soothing, healing, appealing film!, 31 January 2002

This film has the power to entertain, as well as heal. My wife and I watch it every so often, to put that sweetness back into life. What other film can do that? The acting is superb; the actors are alive with their roles. A stirring suspense abounds.