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the best television series ever made, 10 June 2004

for you Americans who don't have access to the show, my heart goes out to you. to my fellow Canadians, we truly have been blessed.

this show has world class actors, magnificent story lines and a cool gritty look. i am no fan of Canadian made television. hockey and davinci are the only two shows i watch on CBC. but when a friend told me about this and she ranted like a crazed lunatic about this Vancouver shot show, i figured i would check it out. THANK YOU LAURIE!

i cant say enough about this show. along with 'deadwood', 'sopranos', news, hockey, i always try and be home for davinci. find a way to watch this show if you can. you will not be disappointed.

where can i get these toys????, 18 August 2003

a great show! one of those movies that you don't think to much while watching, and you will probably be smiling at the end of the show. the effects are pretty cool and the premise, while far fetched (now), is an original line of thinking. my family and i have watched this show a few times, and always had fun.

Deathlands (2003) (TV)
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FIREBLAST! what a dissapointment, 6 August 2003

having read many of the deathlands books i was happy to see this listed on the show guide for the movie channel. having endured the massacre of the premise and actions of the lame cinematography and the inane dialogue, (everyone talked like they were addressing a primary school class) i reflected on the time at my deathbed when i would be wanting these two hours back.

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one of the greatest 'horror' shows ever, 29 March 2002

this show still kills me any time it comes on. the acting is good, the action is great, and the effects are ok. there are nits to be picked about reality, but this is a show about ZOMBIES!! i suggest that anyone who wants to truly enjoy the movie should put all reasoning in the cupboard and howl with laughter!