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Actors and directors whose involvement means that I will avoid the film due to their past record of abominations.
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There haven't been many movies I've paid to see on the big screen that I have totally regretted, but these fall into that category.
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Yes, most of them are the BBC, and most of them are Attenborough. I may be biased because I grew up with Life On Earth, but I think the Beeb (along with its partners) makes the best nature documentaries in the world.
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A good film is the sort that you can keep going back to, to re-watch. to spend time with like an old, valued friend. Here are some of mine, in no particular order, other than alphabetical, and a work in progress - more added as I think of them.
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I suppose it is entirely a matter of preference, but these are the women who are, for me, simply stunning. As well as looks, this is probably influenced by talent, personality and their catalogue.
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Actors and actresses with amazing vocal talent, people who can transfix you and transport you with their voices alone.
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Those beautiful women who have embraced their nerd side, and seem to make a habit of appearing in SF, fantasy and weird cinema and TV.