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Not Tom Sawyer, But Still Fun, 22 August 2003

Please forget the fact that this is supposed to be an updated Tom Sawyer, because it doesn't work as such. But it is a very fun movie for kids, and has some greatly clever moments. The characters and story seem simple, but that's just fine, they don't need to be any deeper. One of those movies that is helped by the inclusion of several classic TV stars (depending on who you are, that could be a good thing), including Laraine Newman as Tom's aunt, David L. Lander as the town's mayor, and Erik Estrada as the requisite bad guy. Give it a watch, but don't expect anything more than a neat little time waster.

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Huge Duck, Easter, You Get The Picture, 22 August 2003

Quite admittedly, this isn't the best movie in the world. But the fact that it's so camp-ish makes it better than if it had seemed terribly serious in nature. Then again, the only reason I have seen this movie so many times is that I am such a huge fan of David L. Lander (who is positively adorable here), and the inclusion of other classic TV stars is fun (if not a little sad that this is the best material some of them can get). My sister said of this movie after watching it, "It's bad, but in a good way." Very true. I love most of the music in here (but try not to laugh at a giant baby duck singing a heart-felt song about not belonging anywhere). Watch it without trying to take it too seriously; that will make all the difference!

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One Worth a Look, 22 August 2003

Not everybody will like this movie...however, for an animated film, it succeeds where many others don't. It has the ability to entertain both children and adults, is relatively clean, and has some very likable characters attached to it. The animation isn't poor at all, it has it's own style (who said that all CG animation had to look alike?). There is some top-notch vocal talent in this movie, and that's always a plus. All of the people who worked on it really enjoyed what they were doing, and that makes all the difference...if an adult can't grow up, let him play by making family-friendly entertainment. Suits me just fine!

"Oswald" (2001)
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Wonderful!, 22 August 2003

It's very rare that I get the kind of feeling that I get from Oswald. Mostly this feeling comes from shows I remember fondly from being a child; that warm spot that grows deep down as I watch. But here I am, too old to be a kid anymore, and I have always gotten the exact same feeling from Oswald. There are so many wonderful people working to create this show, and some great actors lend their voices to the characters. I suppose I should mention that I am the biggest David L. Lander fan in the world (you think I'm exaggerating, don't you?), and I get a terrificly peaceful feeling listening to Henry...and Henry seems to be one of the more popular characters on the show (who can't identify with him?), which makes me very happy. Thank you and good blessings to Dan Yaccarino, to the talented staff and musicians behind the show, and especially to David, Fred Savage, and the rest of the talented Oswald cast. This show makes me very happy, indeed!

More Than Friends (1978) (TV)
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A Sweet Little Movie, Worth a Look, 21 August 2003

Why haven't more people seen this movie? It's wonderful. The plot is simple, a couple parting and then getting back together, the uncertainty of their relationship causing trauma. But through the whole film you do not feel that the situation has been over-dramatized; it is what it is, and that's why it's such a rewarding story. Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall made this film before their divorce; you can see the love of that relationship play out on the screen, and in that way, this is a bit of Hollywood history. There are some wonderful cameos, of the more noticeable being Michael McKean in a very early performance outside of "Laverne & Shirley" (he had connections, of course).

This is Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall before parting ways, and this is a truly romantic story that doesn't need to end on a sour note to succeed. If you have an opportunity to see it, don't pass it up.

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Skip This One, 21 August 2003

This isn't what one could call a good may be because it's not funny, or because nothing in it sticks together. Or it may be the generally insulting manner of it. It does, however, feature some very good actors (including the late Dudley Moore in one of his less-than-successful roles), and seems to be held together with "cameo glue." Some of the cameos are worth watching, others leave you scratching your head, asking "why bother?" There are a few funny moments, but not enough to make it worth it; and as a religious person, one must sneer in disbelief at the utter stupidity that this film exhibits (which is based on very general ideas and stories in the Bible, making it look very naive indeed). If you are a strong believer in God and humanity -- or if you just dislike pointless movies -- skip this one.

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Could have been much, much better., 19 August 2003

The plot of this film really only stands to showcase the acts of comedy groups that deserved better (The Credibility Gap, The Ace Trucking Co., etc. -- in their own acts, which have nothing at all to do with the "story"), and doesn't enhance anything, but makes it more annoying and grinding to watch. It would have been nice to see these comedians in something tolerable, but, unfortunately, we get this. A movie by a group of people who could have made a much better movie, but didn't. Still, on the note of the Credibility Gap, I own and sometimes watch this movie (fast forwarding, of course, to those key parts), and I can only really recommend this movie to fans of the actors in it; otherwise, save an hour and skip it.

Used Cars (1980)
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Trust Me!, 19 August 2003

By far one of my favorite movies ever, and not just because of the seamless inclusion of Michael McKean and David L. Lander (although that helps quite a good deal when you're me!). There's little to say that hasn't been said, but my two cents worth: Used Cars combines excellent acting, a terrific crew, and a plot that had not before and has not since been tackled with such style, wit, and cinematic energy. Huge in it's simplicity, and simple in it's hugeness. Now go and watch it so that you have the slightest idea what I mean!

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Bored? Pandemonium., 19 August 2003

This is the type of movie that one doesn't watch to learn anything or feel any great huge emotions. It's one of those "time-to-kill" films that many people will enjoy, and many others will not. The jokes are not killer, and the script falls a bit flat, but the actors manage to make a good deal of it work. So many stars are in this movie (some not as famous as others), most very good in their roles, but if you are not interested in the big names in the film, then the plot might not hook you, either. All in all, Pandemonium is a movie which could have been better, but succeeds at what it is...a nice little boredom buster with some cute laughs and just enough camp to make this horror parody float.