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Wild Side (2004)
Three-cornered relationship of 3 social outcasts
28 February 2005
Wild Side was one of the best movies at last year's Rotterdam Film Festival, and is a must see for the admirers of Lifshitz (Corps overt, Les). The title refers to Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed.

The story follows the lives of three social outcasts. Stéphanie is 32, transsexual, a prostitute and tired of life. She finds incidental moments of happiness by going out or hanging around with her girlfriends. Stéphanie lives with Jamel (Terres froides, Les), an young North African who also occasionally works as a prostitute. When Stéphanie meets the Russian Michail, a deserter and illegal immigrant in France, she can't choose between the two men and a triangular relationship ensues.

The 3 characters are by society considered as outcasts, but the unlikely friends have found comfort and passion in each other. Lifshitz managed to create a mirror of life and hope, which is reflected through the beautiful performance of his actors.

The director provides a realistic picture of the life of his characters, without glorifying or glamorising the fringes of society. A movie for those who appreciate life, love and friendship.

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4 (2004)
Russian controversy
28 February 2005
Having seen Ilya Khrzhanovsky debut film movie had the Rotterdam film festival, made me understand what Russia's cinematic potential is. Khrjanovsky's 4 is definitely a must see for every admirer of Russian cinema and the Russian spirit.

4 was banned or censored in Russia because of its controversial and power-undermining nature towards Russia's political decision makers. The movie is based on a script by Vladimir Sorokin, who is known to be a radical writer who has challenged numerous taboos in Russian culture.

4 follows the story in several episodes of 3 different people in Moscow. Because of their absurdity, these episodes are as much realistic as they are unimaginable. The opening of the film sets the whole atmosphere, introducing three characters who happen to meet in an anonymous bar. In the long bar scene, the viewer gets the chance to learn the intriguing and controversial details of their lives.

The bars scene is Khrzhanovsk's introduction to the question: "what is to believe and what is not?". Throughout the movie the viewer gets the chance to puzzle the pieces and to make his/ her judgment.

I most definitely enjoyed watching 4 and thought it was one of the best (if not THE best) movies of 2004. Ilya Khrzhanovsk's 4 won several prices in Rotterdam, tough be careful; this movie is not for meant for the average (Hollywood) movie goer .

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Tigerland (2000)
Not worth to see, cheap
12 February 2004
Just saw the movie yesterday, very very disappointed. Unbelievable hat it got such a high rating at IMDB. The acting is crap, especially in one of the opening screens, where colin and pal talk to 2 girls.

Idea is ripped from Platoon and Full Metal Jacket.

Schumacher, please start making some good s***. And stop making crap (8MM and Bad Company etc, etc).

One last question: Why is that US flag upside-down in the bar? Some kind of stupid symbolic thing?
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Not just another Film Noir
21 April 2002
Again a hit by the Coen Brothers. A Film Noir that gives satisfaction and suspense at the same time. James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) plays a interesting role that I did not think he could play. I always had the feeling that he could only play the self confident non-emotional gangster type. Guess I was wrong, he was brilliant.

I enjoyed The Man Who Wasn`t There.
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Not worthy to watch
21 April 2002
A movie that will be watched and respected at the same time by ONLY pure commercial Hollywood people.

If you tasted the Godfather, La Dolce Vita, Casablanca or Ran and did like what you saw. I recommand you NOT to see What Women Want. It`s your typical Hollywood nonsense.
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Probably the best Bertolucci movie until now
16 April 2002
This is not just another cult movie. We are probably talking about the best Bertolucci movie ever made. A visual orgasm of high standard. Intellectual conversations and a great suspense till the end. A movie that will take you to the end and further.

A must for all people who just can`t get enough of the Italian way of cinema.
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Making fun of the Starwars hype
27 January 2002
Short but excellent,

Real fun garanteed. Finally somebody that took the opportunity to strike upon Starwars. Starwars getting pretty much screwed by this one.

Honor to Tarantino. One of the greatest in ever
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