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Royal Rumble (2003 TV Special)
One great match...
17 February 2003
The only thing that makes this PPV worth watching is Benoit Vs. Angle. A classic match which is in my opinion Match Of The Year quality.

But for the rest of the matches, well...Steiner Vs. HHH was bad, as predicted. The Brock Vs. Big Show match and the Dudley Boyz Tag match were below average at best.

The Rumble match had potential and was good. At least until it came down to the last 6 men. Then it just turned bad and fast. And who ever wrote that finish should be fired. One of the worst finishes in the Royal Rumble history.
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Evolution (2001)
Don't see the trailer!
28 December 2002
I saw the trailer on TV and laughed so hard I had stomach pain. The trailer made me go and see the movie. Which I found was a dissapointment. I thought it would be the most funniest movie ever, but it was barely chuckeble. The most funniest moments where already seen on the trailer and after seeing the trailer 10 times on TV they weren't to funny anymore.

The only thing that made this movie watchable was one of my favourite actors, David Duchovny.

So my recommendation is, if you haven't seen the trailer and like David Duchovny, then you should check it out. Otherwise, there isen't to much here to see.
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