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John Q (2002)
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John Q was so enjoyable for me!, 17 February 2002

I just saw John Q and it is amazing! I have no idea what the critics are talking about! The film is brilliant and not a single person exiting the theatre did not enjoy it. Everyone was so into the movie and was raving about it afterwards. I think the critics know that Denzel did a good job in Training Day, and another great job in John Q. and they just don't want to give too much credit for two movies in a row that's all it is! Denzel always makes good movies, and if the critics can't face that then that's there problem. The movie is so moving and made me want to cry at some points and also made me happy at other points. It had a great cast of all good actors, and I really admire Kimberly Elise's performance in the film she is becoming one of my favorite actresses and I think she is one the most underrated actors because she is just outstanding! I also love Robert Duvall,Eddie Griffin, and James Woods, and even Anne Heche did a great job as the cold-hearted hospital administrator. Everything worked so well, and I have no idea why most of the critics can't see that this film is just another great one brought from Denzel Washington! He continues to deliver and would have the greatest actor in the world!!! I am rooting for him to win that Oscar!!!!!!!!!

Friday (1995)
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Chris Tucker makes Friday a classic, 27 January 2002

Friday is my favorite comedy of all time. It should really get a lot of recognition because I have not met anyone who hasn't seen it, and didn't laugh until tears rolled out. This movie is definitely a classic and it's different then most films who showcase the hood with too much violence. This film shows the hood in a fun way and I just love Chris Tucker he is my favorite actor and comedian of all time. Everywhere I go people are always quoting lines from Friday like "And you know this man", or " Said she like Janet Jackson, b*tch got out the car looking like Freddie Jackson". Chris Tucker is just so funny it is unbelievable his high-pitched fast talking voice is what made him as successful as he is today. I love him, all his movies are entertainment and he is always doing something different to challenge himself. He is the only reason why Friday is such a hit and why the sequels do not outdo the original from what I heard. I refuse to watch Next Friday in support of Chris Tucker because Smokey is not in it. Chris Tucker turned down Next Friday because after Rush Hour he gained a lot of kid fans and he realized that if he did do a sequel it would set a bad example for the kids. Back then it was different, he was young then now he is older and putting a lot of thought into his career. He is right Ice Cube should have left it an original because it is a classic as far as I am concerned, but I guess a sequel was a good way to make more bucks, that's good for him , but I am glad Chris Tucker turned down the sequel he knows what it would do for his successful international career.

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This movie is worthy of praise, 26 January 2002

I thought this was a brilliant movie with a great plot and great actors. I love the ending because it leaves a moral to the story for others to learn from. I think if every movie had a happy ending it would not give others the opportunity to experience it on a real level. This movie is more real than it could ever be proving the Hughes Brothers as good directors. Lorenz Tate plays the leading role and delivers a power performance as well as Keith David, Bokeem Woodbine, and my favorite Chris Tucker. Being a huge Chris Tucker fan it was a thrill for me to see him do a dramatic role like this and do it so well playing a war vet overcome with heroin use affected deeply by the war. This proves that Chris Tucker can act and I would like to see him in more dramatic roles.

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Chris Tucker is a joy to see, 26 January 2002

Chris Tucker is brilliant in Money Talks. He is definitely a crowd pleaser and has made a name for himself. His fast talking clever ways of getting him in and out of trouble are very amusing. In this movie he manages to outsmart the bad guys, which I love to see. He is just hilarious, and the funniest man in the world! I love his movies, and in this movie people get to see what they love, pure Tucker at his best of high-pitched motor mouth ways. I love his Scarface impression, it shows his comedic talents. It is definitely time for Tucker to take over where Eddie Murphy left off. Hail the new King of Comedy!!