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This is a list of absolute masterpieces and generally great films that are overlooked/neglected and far too underrated on IMDb (as well as in the general public).

Most of the films included range from those that were hailed as masterpieces when they were initially released, made a huge or minor but recognisable impact at the time (with critical acclaim or box office earnings or both) but are sadly forgotten OR under-appreciated today.

Other titles range from obscure, little seen independent and foreign productions to the more well known, critically acclaimed, star-studded fare. A lot of these films have average ratings on this site, around 6-7/10, but in my opinion each of them deserve a place on the top 250... which is a flawed list anyway (but we won't get into that here).

Hopefully the inclusion of these films here will provide a new legion of fans to discover and unearth their greatness.
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The kids are alright... or are they?
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The following list features Tarantino's many favorite films, films that have inspired him and motivated him in his life. It has been compiled from research via books, internet and my general knowledge.