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A Good Mystery Western, 24 March 2009

This was a movie originally made for TV from what I have heard but was released to movie theatres as part of a double billing since it was better than expected. It is a good murder trial movie set in the west. It is a short movie but well worth the time to enjoy it. The cast is very good. Jeffrey Hunter is excellent as the defense attorney Timothy Higgins. His reply to one of the ladies disgusted with some of the towns people is amusing and classical. Also character actor Preston Foster is good as the Judge and James Coburn as Boyd Palmer shows the promise that was to make him a big star in the future. It is not a classic but if you have spare time it is worth the hour that you will spend watching it. And watch out for James Coburn's big grin. Enjoy.

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A good grade B wester of the 1960s, 13 January 2009

This is good western worth seeing. Of course it is not a classic western like High Noon but it is good of its' type. If you have 67 minutes to spare it is worth watching. It was made to be as part of double features that were common at the time it was made. It is a good movie with a good cast. Bill Williams plays Temple Houston (Sam Houston's son) who is the DA with a sense of Justice. He is located in Fort Smith, Ark and works with Judge Parker in 1872. His area includes the Oklahoma Territory which was the Indian territory at that time. Ted De Corsia is very good as Chief Buffalo Horn who is falsely accused of murder. This was an unusual role type for Ted and he was very good. Gloria Talbott plays the Chief's daughter and Walter Barlin (a character actor of many movies and television) plays the fair minded newspaper man. It is worth seeing even though it is not too historically accurate because Temple Houston was only 12 in 1872 and Judge Parker wasn't appointed to the area until 1875. Still worth seeing.

Ghost Town (1956)
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This is a good movie!, 19 September 2008

This movie was shown on TCM and I am fortunate to have got to watch it even though I did miss the first first few minutes. The movie is 77 min long and was not made at too much of an expense. This was common in the 1950s when these type of movies were made to be shown as part of double features that were popular on Saturdays at that time. Usually one of the movies of a double feature was a western so no doubt this was what this western movie was for. However, you make 100s of these type of movies you are bound to have a few gems and this one is one of them. It is not a great movie classic but it is a good movie that the entire family can enjoy. The movie involves stagecoach passengers having to hold up against an Indian attack in a ghost town and the stress brings out flaws in some of them. It is a good psychological western but it also has enough action and suspense to satisfy the typical western fan. It was a TCM premier the other day so it is very likely we will get some more chances to see it again sometime in the future. And that parting shot at the end is fantastic.

Legend in Granite (1973) (TV)
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A Good Movie!, 4 February 2008

I wish it would be televised more. It was a short one hour television movie based on Vince Lombardi's life and is mainly set in his first two years as head coach of the Green Bay Packers and it is good. Ernest Borgnine did an awesome job as Coach Lombardi. I remember several articles about the movie that pointed out interesting facts. In fact it has been pointed out that before Vince became a head coach people would tell him that he looked like the actor Ernest Borgnine. What was also ironic is that during Vince's glory years as head coach of the Packers Ernest was not a big football fan because he was busy making movies several of them overseas. Several actual Packer players were consultants and it was said they were in awe of Borgnine and his resemblance to Coach Lombardi. This is one great movie and it does have actual films of some games and well worth seeing. I haven't seen it in a while but it is shown on TV once in a while but you have to be alert. I will post the time if I ever find out. Don't miss this one. One thing Mr. Borgnine said before the movie was aired about Coach Lombardi "I hope I have done the man justice." He did and did a great job.