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Australia Loves Grosse Pointe., 22 August 2004

Grosse Pointe is (was) one of the funniest shows ever.

It was first screened in Australia 3 years ago and was recently screened on Cable so I caught up on all the episodes I missed. The Characters were all very lovable especially the unlikeable ones such as Johnny (Al Santos) and Hunter (Irene Molloy). The show should have been given at least another season because even The O.C. was originally a flop on Australian television but a network saw the potential the show had and gave it a chance, now it's a ratings bonanza. I know it's too late to save this show but I hope the WB realises what a mistake they made by canceling it. I Just SO hope they release it on DVD.

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This Video is a must have for all Home and Away fans., 18 April 2004

This Video is a must have for all Home and Away fans. It takes the story out of the bay and into the city. Set around the Sutherland family, the story follows Dani & Josh as they search for Dani's father Reece in the city.

After tearing his relationship with his wife, Shelley apart and breaking the heart of his daughter Kirsty by revealing that her boyfriend Dylan Russell is in fact her brother, Reece runs away to the city. Although the episode itself isn't spectacular and at times highly melo-dramatic the video makes up for it by having many special features including Behind the Scenes look at the making of the episode. I highly reccomend it to any fan of the show or anyone wanting to find out more about the show.

Jason X (2001)
Jason X-Cellent, 7 November 2002

This movie is a crack up, dont know why it's gotten so much bad reviews. It had everything, horror, comedy, sci finess and lots other stuff. I really enjoyed the virtual crystal lake at the end. The robot was funny and Uber-Jason oooh scary. I didn't like how they never showed 1 trailer on Australian TV. It was all good. My friend was hiding behind her bag the whole film but she still loved it. I have to admit that I turned my head around a few times. Espesially at the gorey parts.

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Big fun for the Afternoon., 25 August 2002

ben is very childish and wacky and thats why everbody loves the show. Anna brings some smartness and clever stuff to the show. Jen is very very cool and wacky. Luke is just pointless for the most part of the show but is great when answering the big question at the end of the show. Livv has pink hair and gives the Fashion Tips some Comic relief. Cornelia Snodgrass III is funny when she tries to find out about the big beast. Chicken-Man is funny when completing the dares but I can't help but wonder what his secret identity really is. Didge was plain boring and I'm glad his not an important part of the show anymore but they still put him in a Spot Didge segment. I think Ben's big cook up with Jen and the big dare when Ben and Anna had to eat pancakes that were yucky was funny and gross. Luke stuff is boooooooring and unfunny. Ben is the funneist guy on TV.

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Watch out Buffy, Stake this into your heart and smoke it., 28 July 2002

Interview with the Vampire is a great movie. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are great in the roles of Lestat and Louis but it is Kirsten Dunst that steal the show. Her beautiful/ugly portrayal of Claudia is great. And I loved the great tantrum she did when she found out she couldn't get old. The film is way better than it's sequel Queen of the Damned And it's so much darker. The film is brilliant go see it. You will be impressed.

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Shark Bay is sad., 27 July 2002

Tina Thomsen from Home and Away must look back at this and frown. This has been the most silly mistake of her life. The show is just stupid. Sorry but there's no point in commenting on it because theres nothing to say. Avoid it. It's rubbish, only sometimes when you walk by a garbage bin you think oh I shouldn't of thrown that out. This should remain in the bin. Thankyou.

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The best sequal since Halloween II, 12 July 2002

Halloween Resurrection is the best sequal since Halloween 2. The dialogue isn't bad like some stupid person said below, it's great. Bianca Kajlich does a great job replacing Jamie Lee Curtis in this sequal proving that she can not only act but can scream too. Jamie Lee Curtis' short but sweet cameo was brilliant and her acting was Great. Brad Loree was extremely terrifying as Michael Myers and gave me more then goosebumps. Busta Rhymes and Sean Patrick Thomas kick butt and provide us with some comic relief. Ryan Merriman was also good as Miles. The score was brilliantly done by Danny Lux. And the film was well directed by Halloween 2 director Rick Rosenthal. All up this film is great, but a bit of warning for fans of 4-6 this movie ignores them much like H20.

Valentine (2001)
Not worth seeing., 9 March 2002

In an attempt to bring back the teen slasher genre that was taken away by spoofs like Scary Movie and Shriek if you know what I did last Friday the 13th, Valentine fails. Why did people like Halloween? Because it was original, new and went beyond anything that's ever been done. Why did they like Scream? Because at least it made sense. Valentine is just a stupid slasher-flick that has hardly any gore what so-ever. The plot is so similar to Halloween and Urban Legend it's not funny. And the moment the killer comes on screen, you know who it is, it's just sssssssssssooooooooooooo predictable. The teen slasher genre is DEAD Get over it!

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