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On 11-09-06, the Judgement against "The Texas chainsaw massacre" was repealed. So it is the first movie ever, which is now free in germany, after a judgement because of violence. The Texas chainsaw massacre was banned in Germany for 26 years.

In February 2016, the Judgement against "Mark of the devil" was repealed. This is the second movie, which is freed in Germany from the awesome company "Turbine". Mark of the devil was banned for 16 years.

"Zindan" was banned in Germany at 1988-01-21 and 1988-08-10. But the movie isn't listed at (,Zindan)

"Submissive Geishas" was banned at 1997-03-14. But the movie isn't listed at

On 2012-02-28 "Saw VII" was banned, but after an appeal from StudioCanal, the judgement was repelled and the movie is no longer banned since January 2013

"Battle Royale" and "La Horde" were banned in 2013 and were repelled in the same year after an appeal from the publisher

"Facez of Death 2000 - part five" and "Facez of Death 2000 - part seven" were banned at 2014-04-02. But the movies aren't listed on
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The only game which is missing in my list is "Soldier of fortune: Payback" It was banned on 17.06.2008, so it was the eighth game banned. But it isn't listed at
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