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Absolutely Awful!!!, 19 August 2002

This was absolutely awful! I think I broke a tooth from clenching my jaw to much. I went with a friend that really wanted to see this film. The only possible verdict is terrible! 0 out of 5 Stars!!!

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Horrible, Terrible, Waste!, 1 August 2002

The movie only cost $2 Million! – You can tell.

The actors chose their own wardrobe! – You can tell

The all time worst vanity film ever made by a Hollywood Director - You can tell!

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Overrated and Flat, 15 July 2002

Maybe it was just me? But this film seemed completely overrated and flat. Maybe I need someone to explain the jokes to me?

My take on the movie! Spoilt little rich kids who are geniuses grow up to become complete losers. `It was very hard to relate to any of them. Feel sorry for any of them. Or for that matter feel anything for any of them.'

Complete `scmuck' of a father comes back into there lives and in the grand tradition of Hollywood everyone finds out that they are a little bit closer and learn the lesson that family in all its many shapes is everything.

Some of the detailing in the movie was nice. Moments of true comedy are completely wasted. Some great acting talent is completely wasted. The rating for this movie on this site is way too high. I think every person in the directors fan club must have given it a 10.

My rating 2 out of 10

Legend (1985)
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Pretty but Vacuous, 2 July 2002

I finally saw this film on DVD. I had been interested in the film for some time, but could never find a copy to rent or never thought about it until I left the store. I never got to see the film during it's run in the theaters.

The film is very overrated; Plain and Simple.

Directors Cut The visuals are outstanding, Story is a little more strong and cohesive. The music score is much better. But it is still boring.

North America Cut The visuals are the only thing this cut has going for it.

My feeling If it wasn't for the big names "Ridley Scott and Tom Cruise" this movie would have been left on some dusty shelf along with all the other mediocre 80's films that we dont even remember.

Rating 4/10

From Bad to Worse, 31 May 2002

Sometimes you have to wonder what is going through people's minds when they read scripts like this. I never really liked Chris Rock at the best of times so I am tainted in this. He was bearable in Nurse Betty, but the Director probably did a good job of reining him in. As for Bad Company….

It is really bad. How Bad? Showtime was a masterpiece compared to this and it was just mediocre. What was Anthony Hopkins thinking? I believe it was… When's my next pay check? I just thank the stars that I got to see this for free. My advice … Wait to rent the DVD or Video!