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Action/Adventure circa 1986, 17 June 2011

I enjoyed this movie mostly because I did the computer graphics and got my name in the credits at the end for both that and programming. It was filmed in Dallas, Texas and it was a blast hob-nobbing with the actors, especially, Joe Don Baker and Audrey Landers.

The plot starts out with "Tag" and his Black Ops team breaking into a not-so-secret lab in Russia to steal cannisters of a new nerve gas the Russians were developing. Back home, the tables were turned when bad guy Kenderson (Joe Don Baker) steals the gas from Taggert's lab.

Kenderson threatens to release the gas over downtown Dallas if he doesn't get the ransom he's demanding.

FBI agent Paige Starson (Audrey Landers) directs the search for the gas and the bad guys and in one scene (my favorite) she turns to a computer in Tag's office and pulls up a war games program, selects "Chemical Warfare" and proceeds to find out what the casualties would be if the gas is released.

Although the "special effects" are necessarily low-tech (we did this in 1986, after all) the chase scenes, fights and other stuff weren't bad.