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Entertaining and Educational, 28 January 2007

You do not have to be a history fan to enjoy this hilarious run-through of some famous historical myths and wrongheaded preconceptions about American history. If you are a fan of the subject, it'll be that much more fun.

I have a degree in history and wish my professors had been as entertaining as Mr. Wuhl, who clearly has command of his facts (even I learned a thing or two) as well as a lot of enthusiasm for the topic. The show conveys a lot of cool information in a very entertaining manner.

Note that it definitely does feature some adult situations and language, so it ain't good for young kids (too bad--some might come away with a greater appreciation for history after watching this).

I hope that HBO picks this up as a future series--it has great promise.

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Exceptional Documentary, 27 November 2005

Just saw this documentary on HBO and must commend everyone involved with the film (which is excellent) and the project (both inspiring, uplifting, and surprisingly forthright). As the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I was moved; and as a former educator I was unbelievably impressed with the effort made by the Whitwell educators, students and community to so thoroughly learn about such a difficult topic.

I, for one, would like to make a trip someday out to Whitwell, both to honor all of the dead...and the people who did so much to commemorate their lives.

I wholeheartedly recommend this, both for students and for parents who want to teach their kids the fruits of tolerance.