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Wild (2014)
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"Some say life itself is a stupid tradition. Don't overanalyze it. Just go" Iona, Pretty In Pink, 28 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everyone reviews everything today. You can research 50000 varying opinions on toothpicks before you buy them for a dollar. But in this day and age of yelp, ratings, stars and everyone's opinions being weighed scrutinized and measured can take a lot of the fun out of doing anything, including going to the movies whereas sometimes you say screw the ratings and go with your gut.

I wanted to see Wild after first hearing about it and thought it looked very interesting, but then did exactly what I'm advising against; searched for reviews, rating, pros, cons...before I plunked down my money. I had someone actually talk me out of seeing this movie because they heard it wasn't good, but then another friend told me she did want to see it and hadn't really paid any attention to reviews. I thought good. I will go see with this person instead since they haven't been influenced by outside opinions.

Saw this today and absolutely loved it. Thought it was an incredible story of courage, bravery and redemption. Thought Reese was incredible and the flashback scenes with her mom touching and heartbreaking. There are so many beautiful scenes that will touch your heart including the little boy who sings to her. There are also hilarious scenes such as the man who rights for Hobo Magazine and insists on calling her a hobo. Her encounters with other hikers and people on her journey reminded me of the movie "into the wild" though she actually survives. Don't think that's a spoiler since obviously she had to live to write the book.

Maybe this movie isn't for everyone, but I and my friend both truly enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Buckets of Tears, 1 July 2014

I've had kitties all my life. We never declawed them. This was not really a family policy in as much as I think it never really occurred to us and it was never really a problem with the kitties we had.

Kitties like to claw. This is not a behavioral problem. It's just a natural behavior of cats. As an adult I've had cats who have decimated my sofas and I definitely was unhappy about this, but I still felt even without having researched this that declawing was never an option no matter what. it just seemed barbaric.

This documentary was extremely informative and heartbreaking. I learned a lot about the reality of declawing and what it really means for the animal. The images of the big cats having difficulty walking is like a knife in the heart. It was a beautiful act of incredible kindness and empathy that this vet performed surgery on all of these animals to restore their sense of well being and dignity. Through the legal hearings and proceedings you hear both arguments; some say that declawing cats spares them from the shelter (death) and others say that declawing CAUSES them to end up in the shelter due to behavior problems (litter box aversion due to painful paws) and also biting. Perhaps as some have pointed out that the story is one sided. I've yet to see a documentary that presents both sides equally. Be that as it may; though both arguments make sense the bottom line is that the procedure is unnecessary and painful. If you're going to have an animal in your home you have to understand what that means and shouldn't surgically alter it to fit your needs.

I do hope this procedure becomes illegal in the U.S. and though plenty of people might be at risk of having torn up furniture they would be forced to find kinder alternatives to protecting an inanimate object.

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Truly Awful, 20 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is rare that I will watch a bad movie from beginning to end if i'm in my home (if i'm in the theater I figured I paid my money and should see it through).

I watched the first few minutes and thought it was extremely boring and unfunny, uninteresting but gave it a chance to get batter even though I knew it wouldn't. I have a 5 minute rule for movies; if they don't draw you in in the first 5 minutes (which one would think the creators of the story would pay closest attention to) what are the odds the rest of the film will get better? This rule has pretty much held true for every good/bad film I've ever seen. IMHO rarely does a film start out bad and then get good.

First; I'm stumped as to why they used songs from the 80's (REO speedwagon...) to create a sort of theme of this time period? If they wanted to make this film in a different time period then they should have done that. It seems like they wanted it to have that feel but have it take place in present day.

I also sensed that the man the boy befriended (forget his name) was supposed to be a sort of Bill Murray/Meatballs type; slacker, but heart of gold with lots of wisdom to teach a nerdy kid who doesn't fit in. Meatballs was far more effective and an infinitely better movie.

I also hated the Steve Carrell character. I suppose that was intended. He plays a very convincing ahole which makes me wonder if he really is. I felt extremely uncomfortable watching him be so cruel towards his girlfriends son; calling him a "3" and then calling him "buddy" as he ordered him around like a slave and demoralized him. I'm not suggesting this doesn't happen in the real world, but I could not understand why the boys mom did nothing about it. It made no sense. She was smart, educated, had a how could she be so clueless about her own son and allow him to be treated with such blatant disrespect?

The story was predictable and you knew that his new friendship with the Bill Murray dude and the others at the water park was going to enable him for the first time in his life to feel like he was part of something and give him a sense of pride and then in the very end his mom would finally SEE him and be proud and finally be on his side.

I liked the idea of this story. i just didn't like the story. It wasn't funny, touching or interesting.

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Funny's Cousin, 29 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this on cable last night. My friend who suggested we watch it told me she'd heard from many that it was very funny. I did not think it was funny at all. We watched about half of it (maybe the good parts were in the second half?) Doubtful.

As soon as the girl projectile vomited I just sorta knew it was going to be awful. NOT because I don't like silly humor. Actually I love it...when it's done right. But this in my opinion was just done wrong and I did not laugh once whereas clearly this was meant to be a comedy. I loved Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids. She was hilarious. I was hoping she would make this more entertaining but that was not the case.

I don't know what it is with Hollywood lately. It's either vampires or glee club. Its a little too much already. I would have liked to have watched this movie with people who claimed it was hilarious and have them explain to me what about it was funny. I just did not see it at all.

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Very Fun, 10 October 2012

I loved Mindy Khaling. She is the perfect blend of charm and neurosis. This show is the perfect vehicle for her and I really hope it stays on TV because I think it has real potential.

It's a very good ensemble cast, especially with the latest addition of the new nurse who is an ex con. He's hilarious.

This show is funny and quirky similar to nurse Jackie. I know there are a billion channels nowadays with cable, .....these shows have to fight to find their audience. It's not a chick show either. I think it can be appealing to men and women. She's sort of a chubby Carrie Bradshaw. I'm rooting for Mindy because it's just plain fun.

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So Much Fun!!!!!!, 25 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was thrilled to have a chance to be at the NYC premiere screening. It was so exciting. We got to see the whole cast and lotsa celebs. Was amazing.

But imo the best thing about the night was the actual movie. I did NOT go in expecting to like this movie at all! I just honestly wanted to gawk at some stars. The movie far surpassed the first one (which I thought was very good too, but not nearly as good as the 2nd). This movie was total campy fun. Gorgeous men, great story lines, hilarious jokes. We literally laughed throughout almost the entire thing. I had thought the trip to Abu Dahbi (sp?) would be silly, ala any t.v. show when they take a trip somewhere always strikes me as hokey and desperate, but this was just a total blast and great juxtaposition of how THEIR American/New York lifestyle compared with a whole other world of culture and traditions, namely modesty.

The movie again dealt with some serious themes however it was told with humor and entertainment. The whole Samantha "menapause" thing was just hysterically funny without giving anything away.

I won't say much more as it's not necessary. If you've followed the show and the series you know what you're in for. If you are at all a fan and even if you're not I feel women AND men would find this movie to be wildly entertaining and a ton of fun.

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Very Enjoyable, Bitter Sweet, 3 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Always liked Catherine Keener. There's something very real and endearing about her. I read in the paper that this was an "Allen-esque NY tale". which is what made me want to see it. I agree. Like older Woody Allen movies; this movie was very clever, funny, good characters and a slice of NY life.

This was the story of a married couple who collects "vintage" furniture from families who are clearing out the apartments of their deceased relatives. They then resell all this stuff in their shop in Manhattan for an elevated price. Naturally there's a certain amount of guilt involved in this sort of "ambulance chasing" practice and the wife/mother (keener) feels a lot of guilt and torn between making a nice living and wanting to give back to poor, homeless or unfortunate people in return possibly to assuage her feelings.

In addition to this they have purchased the apartment of an elderly woman in the building and basically just waiting for HER to kick the bucket so that they can begin renovation on their new, larger apartment when they take it over and break through the walls.

It's a really interesting story about how different people feel about things that they want, how they get it, and what they are ashamed of and how this manifests. Everyone WANTS to be good (that is except Mary, the sister played brilliantly and narcissistically by Amanda Peet)and the old lady, Edra who pretty much stole the movie and every scene she was in! All together a very enjoyable film.

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Enjoyable, Meg Ryan Was Very Funny and Dark, 12 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't know what to expect from this movie. I knew the basic premise, but wondered if they could pull it off. In my opinion they did very well.

I also found this to be a unique story. A woman who just learns her husband has decided to leave her absolutely refuses to accept this even though he is very clear that he is not only not in love with her anymore, but has a girlfriend who he is planning a new life with. He is very specific about his reasons and the only thing left for him to do is leave. Not so simple when your wife decides that she's NOT going to let you leave her and holds you captive until she convinces you that you are wrong and that despite what you think you DO actually still love her.

Ryan plays this role to perfection and she vacillates between heartbroken wife to complete sociopath and is remarkably convincing at portraying both. This movie is a bit similar to "Misery". Knowing Ryans movies for many years where she's the good, sweet girl, love interest, adorable's fun to see her in such a dark role and in my opinion perfectly cast because she's still cute as a button, but juxtaposed against the diabolical nature of her character was brilliant.

There's lots more I could say but don't wanna spoil anything.

Up in the Air (2009/I)
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Good, But Not As Good As I'd Heard, 6 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Entertaining film. Nice story about a man who fires people for a living. THIS we all know.

He has no real home or home life. His entire life is his job and literally being "up in the air" because he flies constantly. In the midst of an economic crisis not just OUT THERE, but within his OWN company a sharp young woman comes in to help HIS company by being more efficient and trim the fat on firing people and find a much more cost effective way to get this done efficiently. Hooray for modern technology. Clooney's character being an old dog and not interested in new tricks is offended by her presence and even though it's his new position to show her the ropes he feels this is absurd and that HE will show HER how it's really done and the reason their company even has a business, that you cannot trim the fat on firing people. It's bad enough you are destroying their lives. The very least you can do is spare them an ounce of dignity.

This story runs side by side with a woman he meets who seemingly is his perfect match; another heavy duty business traveller who also is detached from any kind of home life and completely at peace with this. While finding HER would seem to be the perfect antidote for what ails him and enable to guiltlessly continue his life as it is while ALSO having a sort of partner in crime.

Ironically the younger girl who he felt knew nothing due to her age and lack of maturity shines a light on him and forces him to question his lonely life, which previously he'd seemed fairly content with.

I lived this movie as it pointed out A LOT of issues, and questions we ask ourselves all the time; what is the point of life? Is work life? Without the traditional office job which possibly "holds us back from our real dreams or purpose" are we then freed of all the things that hold us back from pursuing a more authentic life"? What is the point of marriage? Is ANYONE who gets married really happier than non married people? What's the point of collecting a whole bunch of stuff; a house, a car, furniture.....when one 5 minute meeting with H.R. can yank that all away in an instant? His case is to live without; without a home, baggage, family.....because what's the point? He seems fairly content, although the majority of those he fires cry about their home, their family, keeping things together.....and from HIS point of view; if you have nothing than you never really have to worry about losing anything.

I liked, didn't love, but it was entertaining for sure.

Loving Leah (2009) (TV)
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Very Sweet Story, 26 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked this movie a lot. I thought Lauren Ambrose was great in the role of Leah, an orthodox Jewish woman living in brooklyn who's husband dies leaving her a widow, and according to tradition, which I've NEVER heard of that she should be encouraged to marry the brother of her dead husband so she can have children and carry on the family name.

The catch is that the living brother is extremely reformed in his ways while the deceased was extremely devout. They decide to marry, but both agree it's for convenience only and she moves to DC to live with him while he works on his medical fellowship.

She's a free spirit and is happy for the opportunity to renew herself and wants to pursue a college degree against the wishes of her mother who believes a womans role is to serve her husband and children.

What happens next is largely predictable, but it didn't bother me becuause the development of their relationship seemed to come very naturally and honestly.

What struck me most about this movie was the charming childlike innocence of Leah as she was learning this whole new life. It was as if she was an amish person who moved to the big city and had to adapt to the pace and modern ways of life in addition to trying to maintain her OWN way of life through the way she decorated her room to her cooking traditional meals and taking on wifely duties....It was like she was trying to figure out how she could merge two worlds into one.

It was a typical Hollywood ending no surprise. After all this was a hallmark hall of fame movie, but I really liked it.

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