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20 Thumbs Down, 30 May 2004

It is just plain sad to think that anyone would enjoy this movie. Somebody must have seen one too many Bruce Lee films. This is more a bad joke/cartoon than anything else and worse, a 100% bore. Geez! What a waste of talent. Speaking of Bruce Lee. If you like Bruce Lee, you won't like this film. So, save yourself some money and rent some Bruce Lee films. Martial Art is an Art and there is little respect here for Art. This is not good Hollywood stuff, and will not hold up as the years go by. What a waste of talent all the way around. If you value your time (and karma), don't waste your time with this one. Or part two. I ain't gonna watch part two to find out, I only bet on sure things.

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Voted 10 ... Monroe deserves it., 22 April 2004

I voted 10 on what they could put together with the last pieces of film of Marilyn Monroe. The opportunity to see her one more time is reason enough for high scoring this film/collection a 10.

At times she does look a bit "out of it", but a lot of that may have been due to her own lack of genuine "enthusiasm" for this script. I don't know if this vidio shows the early wardrobe test, but that wardrobe test along with the swimming pool scene does show that Marilyn Monroe still had all of her talent and beauty nipped in a bud. "Enthusiasm" was one of the keys to Marilyn Monroe's spirit and talent, which she would have held during this films beginning with the wardrobe test, as well I am sure that she couldn't help but to have had enthusiasm with the freedom of filming the swimming pool scene. Regarding such, one can recall what Patricia Ryan/Whittier High School Teacher once stated back in 1937, that being.....

Thus to you I say: never lose your enthusiasm - merely direct it - and that same enthusiasm will take you "where you want to go."

Madame Ryan would later marry Richard M. Nixon.

Perhaps the reasons and facts regarding the life and death of Marilyn Monroe may never be uncovered, but I always have found joy in watching her on screen and in the reading of her life, or in just looking at a candid snap shot photograph of her. She had incredible talent as an actress. She had an incredible spirit that moved off the screen and touched many people's hearts. And she was just as pretty as a pretty person can be and then even prettier.

Dean Martin deserves mention here, as it has often been reported that it was due to his insistence (and contract right) that the movie continue with Marilyn Monroe and no one else, after she was dismissed from the film. This then forced the studio to hire her back. For the record and to Marilyn Monroe's credit, she was hired back at a more deserving salary.

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Great Southern Fried Chicken, 21 April 2004

George Roy Hill, Lillian Hellman, Geraldine Page, Wendy Hiller, Dean Martin, Yvette Mimieux, Bill Thomas (costumes) and lastly but always outstanding Gene Tierney. What a great grouping of actors, writers, director and costumes as well all else fits together in this film. Over 40 years have passed as has most of the cast, but this film still holds together very well. Geraldine Page is always good and captures the somewhat crazed Carrie charactor beautifully. Dean Martin has always been over looked as an actor and really proves his worth in this role. George Roy Hill keeps things moving and all and everyone else keep plenty of grease and batter on this fine batch of southern fried chicken. Treat yourself to a really fine movie, it is worth it all just for a look at the talented Madame Tierney.

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Good Girl in Pretty Dresses, 8 February 2004

Early Jane Fonda at her best, and why not?......She is outfitted by Orry-Kelly, Sidney Guilaroff doing her hair and full William Tuttle make up. Well directed and put together film. Somewhat corny even by 1963 standards, unless of course you were then, or are now a "good girl". Fast moving with lots of charm, good directing and a fine performance by Jane Fonda dressed by the best, Orry-Kelly. Look for the early cameo by Jim Hutton.

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I have been watching and enjoying Elizabeth Taylor films all my life and this is one of her best. I think this film is one of the most underrated films of all time. It is flawless in every aspect...story, directing, set, music, clothes, and of course acting. The beautiful and talented actress Elizabeth Taylor does not walk through this one. She gives it her all, as well as does everyone else involved in this work of Art. This is not a spoon fed piece of sugar, rather a serious and artistic look at the psychology of a "person".

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With the recent passing of Miss Peggy Lee, I thought I would comment on her great singing voice and of course mention her Academy Award Nomination for her outstanding performance in this film. What a pity she chose not to do more films. I was pleased to see that many of the news items compared Peggy Lee to Billie Holiday, both of whom I consider to be two of the greatest and most talented singers of all time. Too bad they never did any recordings together, as their voices really would have complimented each other.

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ONE OF THE BEST, 21 January 2002

This is an outstanding production of the famed Hedda Gabler. Janet Suzman gives a flawless performance. SHE IS HEDDA. Ian Mclellen as well as the other actors also give top rate performances. This is a joy to watch and is one of the best TV films ever produced. If you ever get a chance to see this, don't miss it.