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I've Always Liked It!, 29 April 2004

This is one of those movies that is improbable but fun, with one of the most important features (in my opinion) for a movie - it is entertaining.

Bob's pairing with Jean Simmons is almost as good as his pairing with Deborah Kerr, although the chemistry is different; perhaps more paternal on his part.

I am, admittedly, a big Mitchum fan, but I won't buy a movie just because he is in it. The other actors in this film do a fine job and help give it a little more substance than the plot would have otherwise.

If this ever comes out on dvd, I'm buying it!

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Worth seeing more than once, 14 October 2003

This is a beautiful, moving story that is funny and romantic and very well done. Betty White and Leslie Nielsen break out of their stereotypical roles and do a wonderful job. All of the acting in this movie is above average. The cinematography is top-notch as well. It's too bad that if you missed the original airing on t.v. you are (at least at this point in time) out of luck. But someone will wise up and put it on on dvd/video, and when they do, grab the chance to see it. BUY the dvd/video, because you'll want to see it again and again.

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Being a total fan of Robert Mitchum, I may be a bit prejudiced., 29 October 2002

This movie, having been filmed in the mid fifties, does not include the blood and violence, nor sexual content and gratuitous language that many are now accustomed to. If you are looking for that kind of movie, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a movie with heart and real content, this could be perfect. The acting is top-notch, as is the cinematography. The plot flows beautifully and holds your attention to the very end. "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison" is a classic, although it never received the attention it deserved.

This is one of my all-time favorite movies; I have loved it since I was a child. It is a movie parents can feel comfortable watching with their children (not the very young, of course!), but is a good "date movie" as well. Not a "chick flick", it is a war movie, but one which women will enjoy as much as men do.