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Win my award for the worst movie EVER!, 6 August 2009

This ... I won't call it a movie .. that would be too kind ... It is the worst piece of drivel I've ever seen that actually had a listing on IMDb. I am shocked that anyone would invest money in something like this ... even Cheech and Chong on their worst day wouldn't touch this stinker with a 10 foot pole.

Its like a middle schools drama club trying to make a movie that resembles the Monty Python style only they never saw Monty Python.

I don't know how to describe it ... maybe clerks, and earnest goes to jail crossed with Ring of the Nebelungs and a dash of Shaun of the Dead? ... Only 100 times worse.

I'm truly ashamed that I even watched 10 minutes of this awful tripe.

Fired! (2007)
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Please don't ever let me watch this again!, 1 June 2007

This is my first ever comment on a film and I was compelled by my conscience to sign up and post this as a penance for having watched this film.

I found nothing entertaining , remotely funny, or even watchable in this mess. In fact it made me feel like my existence must be pathetic for actually spending part of my time watching this drivel.

The only reason I attempted to watch it was the title and quite frankly I feel cheated. I could think of several interesting treatments of being fired but this one was the most disappointing of my movie watching experience (1287 to date). It makes my top ten worst films ever list at #1.

It really amazes me that people invested in this and didn't pull the plug before they lost all their money.

I'm kicking myself for watching as much of it as I did.