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Closer (2004/I)
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Sex chit chat., 27 January 2005

This movie is an exercise of talking about sex in a hard way. But is only that: dialogue. If these four characters (Dan and Larry, both English; Alice & Anna, American) really talk ¨dirty¨ why the talking is not translated into action. Sex, sex.. Yes I wanted to see sex. With no action, it is all bla, bla, bla and it becomes boring after 60 or 65 minutes. That was when I realized the modus operandi of the director. I am referring to the how the movie is edited. Goes from a scene with one couple, then to the other couple, with the same dialogue. So it is repetitive and what is worst, the scenes are very long, hard to tolerate. But performances are very good. Clive Owen is better than the others. Good music, great view of London. My rating: 3 out of 10. Andres.

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Great, 8 January 2005

I am writing this commentary right after finishing with the movie. I rented this DVD in order to see it Saturday night. It was a pleasant surprise, gave me the creeps ALL the movie. To begin with I would like to say that the movie is divides in episodes. Every episode is strange, creepy therefore frightening (with good scares) I am happy because it was EFFECTIVE. I WAS frightened. Horror is a genre where you can find lots of garbage. But suspense was well driven till the end and the actors were pretty good. I read a comment of the movie were the author said he was not entirely scared. It was not my case. I am still trembling. 10/10. Andrés.

Paprika (1991)
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Sexy good movie, 29 December 2004

The plot is very simple. In late '50s a young lady starts working as a prostitute in a brothel in order to help his boyfriend. She thinks that is the easiest way to make money. I do agree. Mr. Tinto Brass centered the view in Debora Caprioglio, who plays the roll of Paprika. Hell, she is very hot, sensual... but as nothing is perfect in her life she will go from one place to another and this is a kind of repetitive. She is filmed from every angle you can imagine. You can imagine that with the view centered on Caprioglio the other ladies are not seen in plenitude. Doesn't matter Caprioglio is the hottest woman in the movie and is a well chosen actress for the leading actress. Her performance is very good. Finally I would like to say that this movie is far from pornography. Brass actual is close to porno. But this one has a simple plot, is funny, long but could be seen. 6/10 Andrés.

Bad Moon (1996)
Good movie, 3 December 2004

The movie is very entertaining and has the look shared by Thor the dog (Primo) and uncle Ted played by Michael Pare. Good action, very good opening and better ending.

The movie itself is the story of a man by day, wolf at night and the consequences that this cause. It is not new, was done before but is entertaining, short and has a scene of sex.

The dog is far the best of the film. Good performances delivered Pare, Mariel Hemingway and Mason Gamble (Janet the mother and Brett the son). 7/10.


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Brilliant, 31 October 2004

Tales... is an excellent entertaining movie. The wraparound story is about a woman who is going to eat a boy. So this boy tells her three stories to delay the purpose of the lady. Lot 249 updated from an Arthur Conan Doyle story is really funny. Watching Steve Buscemi, Christian Slater, Juliane Moore and others in the story about a mummy covering life.

The second story (Cat's from hell), written by George A. Romero from a Stephen's King story, has some frightening moments when you look at the eyes of the black cat who was the object of murder. A millionaire hires a hit man to do the job. But the best comes towards the end with "Lovers Vow" where an artist deals with a very terrifying creature in order to save his life. He is awarded with a beautiful wife if he does not tell a word that this devil exist. Amusing. I shouted a lot. Really, gave me the creeps. And the conclusion is great. 10/10. Andrés.

Schizoid (1980)
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Two thumbs down, 19 October 2004

I don't know what is worse about this movie. 1) It is very predictable. 2) It is very stupid. Is it 1 or 2? I was bothered because I spent 89 minutes with this movie and I considered it was a waste of time. The premise of a murderer with scissors looked good but there is not a pinch of idea in it. Dr Fales (Kinski) is a psychiatrist who leads a group of therapy. His daughter Allison (Wilkes) is a rebel teenager who is against the doctor's new company Julie (Hill). Allison's mother died and Julie would take her place. So, she is sick 'n tired of the group and of Julie. What about her? She is a reporter who is in the way of getting the divorce from her husband Doug (Wasson). There is more: she helps people under the name of Dr. Love. She starts receiving threats by letter. The ladies from the group are being found stabbed one by one. "Don't let me kill again" blah, blah, blah. So, who are we dealing with? who is the killer? Could it be Dr. Fales who has sex with the ladies from the therapy group? Maybe his daughter? What about Julie's husband? I think that renting this movie would be a waste of movie. It is worse If you see it. A waste of time. At least performances were acceptable. 3 out of 10. Andrés.

Hero (2002)
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Beautiful movie with some weak points, 11 September 2004

I see Nameless. I see Broken Sword and Flying Snow too. There is a problem of screenplay here. What is more important? Nameless or the beautiful soap opera between Broken Sword and Flying Snow? Not to forget Moon. I believe slow motion does not work for every scene and sequence of fights is less or not entertaining or thrilling at all. Some are OK. But not in all the movie.

Sensations: Sleepy. Boring. Tense. In the sky. Energetic and yes, entertaining at last. There was a point when I said to myself: bye bye, too boring and if I want to see a soap opera,not in the cinema.

But the images are great, the music awesome (specially the violin solos by Itzak Perlman) and the performances very good. I wanted rhythm, thrills. I could not feel it in almost the entire movie. 7 out of 10. Andres.

Shocker (1989)
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This film might be the best of Wes Craven, 10 September 2004

Shocker is one of Wes Craven film's best. It has a very imaginative plot that goes weird sometimes and the final half hour or a bit more than very entertaining. It starts a bit of slow. I mean till the execution you have 45 minutes. But after that point the movie goes better. Very good performances and music. Mitch Pileggi portrays Pinker the killer so damned good that you must see his face to believe it. For the record: two thumbs up in music and entertainment.

Great Pileggi and very good the rest. And the last 30 minutes amazing. I rate this movie: 8 out of 10.

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Clever thriller, 30 July 2004

Very well acted and filmed this clever, agile suspense thriller won't let you down because of the reason that the intrigue will not allow to switch off your video of DVD player. The place: England, late 50's. The topic: laws of divorce. Adultery. Just take a photograph for evidence. This was forged in order to oblige the spouse to divorce. You only have to find the lover. Tony Aaron (Neeson) was the man who used his wife to simulate adultery. But she will die with a powerful man. The man's misterious lover (Laura San Giacomo) gets in between the case. A battle will start for Aaron to prove that his innocence. Suspense till the end. I rate this movie 9 out 10. Andres.

Do It! (2003)
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Me piaze (I like it), 23 July 2004

Very funny film composed by six short stories just like "Miranda", "The Voyeur" all by Tinto Brass and some of their habitual cast or crew.

You can find an excellent use of the came, light and the red color that is seen in nearly the six stories, and the nasty/loose girls ready for pleasure. Do you like being observed? Another interesting matter that this movie includes. The last story is definitely the best of the movie. The name: Dime porca que me piaze!!! To conclude. It is Definitely a movie for Tinto Brass fans.

Non fans: Your choice. 8 out 10. Andres.

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