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How to Be (2008)
Forget It
30 March 2010
This movie is not very good. It falls short in plot, acting, and entertainment. It is one of those that one thinks will get started any minute, but that minute never arrives. Robert Pattinson has great promise, yet doesn't live up to that promise in this movie. Robert spends way too much time looking through his hair and/or brushing out of his face. The film could probably be shortened by an hour if the hair pushing aside time was deleted. The other actors and actresses don't even try to save this disaster. The premise is interesting and has a lot of promise; however, the opportunity is muffed in its entirety.
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Entertaining 90 Minutes
7 April 2009
The Good Student is an entertaining who-dun-it. It is well acted and worthwhile entertainment. Pay attention to the police detectives because the pair is portrayed with a little different approach. I guess I do not know what a "Dark Comedy" really is, but I wouldn't categorize it as such. (The term Dark Comedy is almost an oxymoron.) It is necessary for the viewer to get into the action and follow along. If one just remains at the surface, it will be hard to like this movie, so plunge right in. You will find yourself wavering back and forth as you attempt to figure out who is the actual villain. Just get into it and expect to enjoy it and you'll have a nice experience. If you like a few twists and turns along the way, you will like this movie and find it a good way to have spent 90 minutes.
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Forget This One
2 April 2009
Slumdog Millionaire is one of the most difficult Academy pictures of the year to sit through. What must they have been thinking to have nominated this movie in the first place? It is not outstandingly acted, has a thin and disconnected plot, and doesn't even tell a good story. Any movie that relies on subtitles (or in this case, "sidetitles") is difficult at best and Slumdog is no exception. To the actor's credit, one can almost figure out what is go happening even though the "sidetitles" are missed. On the big screen, cannot enjoy the movie and finish reading the "sidetitles" before they disappear. On the little screen (and that includes 50 inch HD), the "sidetitles" are impossible. One finds themselves watching for where they are going to pop up next and then tries with frustration to read them before the next one pops up on the other side of the screen. This is one to forget and it is a shame that it is even placed on a par with such as Gone with the Wind
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Pittsburgh (2006)
Forget it
23 April 2008
When watching this movie, I kept clicking on the DVD menu to see if I was stuck in a "Making of this movie" extra on the disc. It soon becomes quite tiresome watching the "how to" rather than the "real" movie. It is certainly a shame that this film takes the avenue it does because the premise contains the promise of what could be an entertainingly funny experience. I suppose the acting is good, yet one cannot sit through it constantly anticipating the movie to begin. Laborious is the one word that describes this movie. We see nothing of the city of Pittsburgh. The movie's location could have been Needles CA for all the reference it gives its title. I admit that I fully expected to watch a movie that was entertaining in the way it portrayed the relationships involved when a well known Hollywood personality joined a cast of characters in a community theater production of a well known musical. The promise that the synopsis of this movie makes leaves one frustrated when the reality of the actual plot is realized. Save yourself some disappointment and skip this one.
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Evening (2007)
Enjoyed this movie
10 April 2008
Evening is an entertaining movie with quite some depth. All the actors and actresses turn in spectacular performances. With the tremendous cast, though, one expects stellar acting, but in this movie the expectations are exceeded. One can relate to personalities and situations in ones own family. As one watches the interaction of the family members one's own family memories are immediately brought to mind. This is one of the few movies that inspires one to read the book. Usually it is the other way around; one reads the book and then wants to see the movie. I will definitely obtain a copy of the Susan Minot book and read it. The Rhode Island scenery is spectacular as is the soundtrack. Any car buff will enjoy the apparently expertly restored period automobiles. Needless to say now, but I recommend Evening highly. See it you will enjoy it.
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Wouldn't watch it again
26 January 2008
This movie is definitely a one time wonder. It gets a little tedious and it is difficult to sit all the way through it. On the plus side, the premise is interesting, the acting is top notch, the photography is excellent, and the several scenes are touching. The soundtrack is fairly good and the sound quality is excellent. It is just one of those movies that one finds a little far fetched and that is what makes it difficult. I can't believe it did well at the box office. One probably is wise to see it once, though, just to be able to say it was experienced. "I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", is a movie to rent (not to buy) and it should be returned and forgotten.
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Excellent for anyone to watch
13 January 2008
I saw this movie when it originally came out and I took more people to see it in at least two successive trips to the old Crawford Theater. It is touching and worthwhile and depicts an America that all should see. Ethel Barrymore gives one of the best performances of her career. The preacher to the President is another vignette that stands out. There are memorable performances by Gary Cooper, Van Johnson, Gene Kelly, and Marjorie Main. Each vignette is a memorable one and all touch your heartstrings and provoke thought. It would be nice if it were available on DVD or even tape. What a delightful anthology this is. I recommend this to all. It is a movie you will enjoy.
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Once (2007)
Tedium should be its title
13 January 2008
This is music story of singers not one of whom can sing well. It will take stamina on the part of the viewer to make it through this movie. One keeps thinking that the plot and the music will improve. I outlasted my wife in viewing this. She gave it approximately an hour. It didn't improve while I was watching. These people are probably good actors, but their acting was overshadowed by the fact that it was tedious to try to watch this movie to the end. It makes me feel badly to have to rate a film in this manner, but I felt it necessary to perhaps save someone else from having to invest time and money in this movie. Please do save yourself some grief and by-pass this one.
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