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Great Film, 28 November 2005

I really like this film although I do like Zombie films in general. The sense of being trapped and pursued by an intransigent enemy that wants to eat you is an incredible premise for a movie. Just how rational men and women would behave in that situation is fascinating. We had petrol shortages here a few years ago and there were some folk who'd have taken a head shot for a few gallons of 4 star. The veneer of civilisation is ever so thin and this film portrays that very well. A normal guy who is sooooo proud of his chainsaw option for sawing the legs off of Zombies who cling to the "A Team" inspired bus, is one example. Could you have shot Matt Frewer before he turned? In the UK we have little notion of guns but I suspect even in the US very few would have been able to. But once those flesh eating monsters make a move, gimme that semi auto, I'm a blowin' some Zombie brains out! Films that add a Superhuman to battle the undead, like in the Resident Evil films lose something, it needs be Joe and Joanne public that put up the fight. Imaging a Zombie attack in Metropolis? Where's the danger there? Superman could vapourise 'em all in no time. No, it needs normal people, in the US with oodles of guns, in the UK with sharp sticks and cricket bats, to fend of the fiends. I also liked the way you never know who's gonna get bit, no-one is safe, the ending is never clear so the tension builds and builds. I've seen this movie 4 times now and if it's on again this weekend put me down for 5. Great, scary entertainment

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A really good film, 18 November 2005

I really enjoyed this film. I took my 7 year old daughter to see this and it was a magical experience. We laughed, we cried and we came out of the cinema in really high spirits. The large American hot pizza and 2 beers at Frankie and Benny's (don't worry, the wife was driving) topped off a memorable Sunday as we all jabbered and recalled a truly marvellous movies over our meal. This is what going to the flicks is all about, a great family day. We went to see Elf on Christmas Eve a few years ago (2002?) and that also was a good film. Caught a bit of it on TV yesterday. The Incredibles we enjoyed and also Wallis and Grommit, Curse of the WereRabbit. But Nanny McPhee is the best family, Christmas film so far. Isn't Emma Thompson great?

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Sorry but it's not very good, 27 October 2005

I know this will be unpopular but I was disappointed with Batman Begins. I am a big fan of Batman and really liked the Tim Burton version with Michael Keaton. My main problems with BB are - 1) The plot is ridiculous. If Liam Neeson wanted to get a vapourised drug into the air then why not fly a crop duster over Gotham? The convoluted way he sets about poisoning Gotham is totally unbelievable and belongs in a Bond movie. 2) Christain Bale is too small to be Batman. The Bat is supposed to be 6'2" and weigh 210lbs (according to the DC Encyclopedia). I've noticed that Bales height on IMDb has dropped 2" recently, he was down as 6'2" but is now only 6". I doubt he's even that as that would make Liam Neeson 7", Morgan Freeman 6'5" and Michael Caine 6'4". Bale was smaller than nearly every other male actor in the film. However Micheal Keaton is even smaller but managed to pull it off, especially as Bruce Wayne. Bale's Wayne was too slick and suave, not the edgy eccentric that Keaton's was. Sorry to keep having a go at Bale but that gravelly voice really got on my nerves. 3) The Scarecrow. What a waste. Like every Batman film since the first Keaton/Burton film there were too many villains crammed in. 4) The Batmobile. I did like this but felt it should have been an additional vehicle and not the main one. I thought the Batmobile in the first Keaton movie was perfect. 5) The film was too dark, and by that I mean i couldn't tell what was going on half the time. I switched the brightness up but still couldn't follow the fight scenes. 6) My main issue is why would Batman reveal his identity to Katie Holmes? He repeats what she said to him in the restaurant and she figures it out straight away. Barmy! Don't get me wrong, there was some good stuff too but overall, disappointing

"Extras" (2005)
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Better than I expected, 22 July 2005

After The Office and the superb Christmas Special, Extras had a lot to follow. Once I'd got over the newness (to me at least) of the other key actors, and the shock of seeing Ben Stiller playing himself as such a horrible person, I really liked it. The "Herman Munster" bit with the guy with the club foot had me laughing despite how cringe-worthy it was. Ricky's character is easy to sympathise with and the level of "shallowness" seems just right to me. However, on the BBC on Thursday, Extras is followed by Catherine Tate and Absolute Power with Stephen Fry, and both of these were on a par with Extras. That's 90 minutes of 1st class TV entertainment, lucky us!

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What is this?, 12 February 2004

I stumbled across this last week when changing channels. When I saw Ade Edmondson and Mina Anwar were in it, I thought I'd be in for an unexpected treat. How disappointed was I to discover a tired, predictable, formulaic sitcom with very few, if any, laughs. Is this trying to be a British "Scrubs"? Why is Ade Edmondson, famous for his anarchic sense of humour, playing a role that appears to have been written for somebody like Peter Davison or Robert Lindsey? Maybe it will develop with time. Mina Anwar is always worth watching and she almost saves the show. But not quite. When you consider the quality of some of the shows on Radio 4 and BBC3 and this gets on air? What is going on? What next, Rik Mayall in a sitcom about a long suffering Dentist with a quirky family and a formidable wife? Oh no, hang on, Robert Lindsey IS in that one!

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A mixed bag, 9 December 2002

Saw this film a week or so ago and have been mulling over the pros and cons since. Don't get me wrong, I was quite adequately entertained but there were some very dodgy bits throughout the film. Firstly there's Pierce Brosnan. He's in good shape for a man coming up for 50 but he isn't a convincing athlete. There was one shot of him running that looked like he was being pulled along on a trolly and just swinging his arms! Also, when he runs up the steps on the island clinic, to help Jinx shoot at the helicopter, he looked like an old man. He's got the same problem Roger Moore had, he can't run anymore and it's difficult to disguise the fact. There were one or two scenes where the stunt double looked about 40lbs heavier that Brosnan too. The invisible car was a daft idea but carried off with some style. The car chase with the Jaguar, on the ice was not however. Far, far too many gadgets, bombs, missles and mortars. The only damage the Aston sustained was when the Jag' rammed it and rolled it over. The ejector seat stunt, to right the car, was very clever however, and harked back to the DB5 that Sean Connery drove in a few of his outings as Bond. By far the worst scene was the collapsing glacier/tidal wave para-surfing. I mean, so unconvincing and cartoon like it didn't belong in the film. And where was Bond going in that rocket sled anyway? Having said all that, the fencing scene with Graves at the Gentlemen's Club was fantastic. You really thought that they were trying to kill each other. Jinx's non nonsense "hit" on the Doctor in the genetics clinic was convincing and a very "adult" moment. In fact all of Halle Berry's screen time was first class and added a great deal to the film. Bond busting out of the floating hospital/prison by shutting his pulse rate down was very good, as was his walking into a Hong Kong hotel barefoot, bearded and bare chested. As usual, the opening sequence was stunning and set the tone that, I think, should have been followed. I'd rate this behind Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies, but ahead of The World is Not Enough. Hard to compare Bond actors as they were all so different, but I think time will show Pierce as one of the best, almost on a level with Sean Connery. I'm not sure Pierce has more than another one film in him either, he's just getting too old. I'd like to see a more natural athlete play Bond next, and I'd nominate Hugh Jackman as a possible contender. Overall - Die Another Day 7/10