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I've also added some movies that are almost as good as my pick...
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These movies are in no particular order
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I haven't seen very many of these kind of movies and I don't really like them, but here are some that I consider worth watching
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Only movies that have a budget over $100 000 000.
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You see, what stands out at a first reading is the lack of a central issue or a philosophical stance. That makes the film a chain of gratuitous episodes which may even be amusing in their ambivalent realism. You wonder, what is the director really trying to do? Make us think? Scare us? That ploy betrays a basic lack of poetic inspiration. - 8 1/2

I think the description above describes all of Tarantino's movies. I really tried to like a Tarantino movie, that's why I watched almost all of them... The only two that I could find 'enjoyable' are Reservoir Dogs and Inglorious Basterds. Anyway, here's a list of his movies (in order). I haven't seen Jackie Brown yet...
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I had high hopes for these movies.
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Please don't start asking about Heath Leadger