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Sharky & George, the crime busters of the sea!!, 30 January 2002

This animated kids show was really great. It was always on Channel 4 when i was a kid, and was always very entertaining. It followed two detective fish 'Sharky' and his side kick 'George.'

They lived in an underwater city called 'Pearl City,' and they would race around solving various crimes they came across. It was like a real detective show for kids, as it had the voice over and everything!

This was a really fun TV show, and the theme tune was great, 'Sharky & George, the crime busters of the sea.'

I wish that they would bring it back, and get rid of the rubbish they have for kids today! i mean Pokemon!!!! Come on, bring back Sharky & George!!!!

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Dead Guy walking!!!!, 21 January 2002

The film focus' on two New York office workers, Larry(Andrew McCarthy) and Richard(Jonathan Silverman) who are invited to their boss' posh beach house at Hamptons in Long Island, after uncovering an elaborate scheme of fraud and embezzlement in the company. Thinking they can 'work their way up the corporate ladder' they accept, only to find their boss Bernie(Terry Kiser) dead. Scared that they may be accused of Bernies death they must pretend that Bernie is still alive. This is where the fun really starts, as Larry and Richard become more and more creative in ways of making Bernie seem alive. In one scene they tie their shoe-laces to Bernies to give the impression he is walking. The most entertaining scene has to be the beach party, in which none of the guests even notices Bernie is dead to the world, and instead continue to talk to him as if he is alive. This film is a wonderfully morbid black comedy, which dishes out the laughs thick and fast. I first saw this film when i was about 13, and thought it was the funniest thing i had seen in a long time, and i recently found it on DVD, and i still think it is a great film. Please, please check it out, you wont be disappointed.