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Quantum of Solace (2008) (VG)
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Meaner, harder and tougher., 29 October 2008

Quantum of Solace kicks butt. No more jokes, no more making love with beautiful ladies, no more funny gadgets. This time Bond is out there with the vengeance. Tough and violent Quantum of Solace is absolutely great update of 007-movies. Director Mark Forster has done excellent job with huge stunts and character development as well. Par excellence sequel to Casino Royale, and sequel it is because this one starts 20 minutes after the last frame of C.R. 2nd Unit director Dan Bradley, known as action master of Bourne movies, does amazing job too, with white knuckle car chases, frenetic rooftop runs and specially brutal fighting sequences. And Daniel Craig is better than never, he is BOND, JAMES BOND. Go and see, you'll love it.

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Die Hard 4.0, 15 June 2007

Just saw it at the press screening here in Finland. It works and delivers. Thanks to Bruce, who is pretty charismatic and special thanks, surprise, to Justin Long who proves to be very sympathetic young actor. And of course, Timothy Olyphants black steering eyes are still full of rage and anger, as they was in Deadwood.

Action is fast and violent and whats most important, almost entirely hand made. Good old stunt work and explosions, thank God. The movie is called here (in Europe) Die Hard 4.0 but you guys in America will see it Live Free or Die Hard. Its not the best of the Die Hard series (it goes like first, 3rd, 2nd and this) but it is a real thing. Worth for your money, absolutely.