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This is an attempt to document every single film that I (an Irish-American man born in 1970) have ever seen on the cinematic "big screen." This includes both films I've seen in their original release, as well as in revivals (although an asterisk denotes those I did not see in their first run).

I've doubtless forgotten a few titles, and will be adding new ones to the list, as applicable.
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Self-explanatory (1970-1979)
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Self-explanatory (1980-1989)
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self-explanatory (1960-1969)
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self-explanatory (in chronological order)
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self-explanatory (new titles will be added as they are released, and I see them)
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self-explanatory, 1990-1999

(Please let me know, if you think I left anything out)
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My favorite films (so far!), one each per year, beginning in 1936; to be continuously updated as I see new films. In four years (2000, 1991, 1987, and 1968) I was unable to pick between two films, and so listed them both.
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Self-explanatory (more films to be added as I see them)
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self-explanatory (in chronological order)
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In order of their appearance
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I tried to make a Top Ten list, but just couldn't pare it down to less than eleven.
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These are the movies recommened to you by the shadowy operative known only to the world as "Kevin Riley O'Keeffe." If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Mr. O'Keeffe, please write down everything you know about him on a sheet of fine vellum, place that (folded) sheet inside an envelope addressed to the Department of Homeland Security, and then eat the envelope & its contents.
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self-explanatory (and listed in chronological order)
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A list of films that I have seen,* and which if you're lucky, you have not.

I should note that I do not adhere to the so-good-its-bad school of cinematic evaluation. I may have flawed tastes, and thus like some movies I should perceive as bad (check out my other lists in order to find out), but if I perceive a movie as bad, then I don't like that movie. Thus I try to avoid seeing bad movies, and ergo this is just a list of the bad movies that I have, unfortunately, seen. It is not, and I pray it will never become, anything like a definitive list of bad movies.

If there's some piece of garbage I haven't listed, its probably because I chose not to view it at all. Excepted are most MST3K movies. I only chose to list a bare handful of MST3K-derived films, as that's too much like shooting fish in a barrel. Those movies are SUPPOSED to be bad (and are presented in an augmented format that generally makes viewing them an enjoyable experience), so they don't really deserve to be picked on. But there were 2-3 I simply couldn't avoid listing.

*There are two films listed here that I have not seen. One is a made-for-TV movie from the late 1970s, starring Gene Simmons of "KISS." The other is a secret. See if you can guess which one it is.
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Self-explanatory, but because my Best Films of the 1990s list includes the years 1990-1999, I was forced to include the year 2000 (so technically, its a list of the best films of the first decade of the 21st century, plus the final year of the 20th ie., 2000-2010).