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Arrival (2016/II)
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Magical Sci-Fi, 26 January 2017

"I had my head tilted towards regular cinema for as long as I can remember. But guess what surprised me the most - it wasn't seeing them, it was seeing this movie about aliens" :)

Whoever wrote the story and directed this movie is a genius. If you thought 'Sixth Sense', 'Shutter Island', and 'The Others' had clever ways of deceiving the audience, then you'll definitely enjoy this one with aliens!

The concept, story, and production quality are above par. This is probably going to become one of those favorite ever-green movies that we watch again and again from time to time. The movie has a superb background score, one of the best I've heard in a long time. The first and the last 10 minutes are absolutely magical.

So should you see this movie irrespective of whether you are a Sci-Fi fan or not. The answer is - yes. You'll probably love every moment of it and may be life even more.

Brooklyn (2015)
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Simple, beautiful., 18 December 2015

After you watch Brooklyn, you wonder how a story so simple, can be made into such a beautiful & touching film, which makes you appreciate life even more.

Its a joy to watch Brooklyn, most of which is conveyed through the eyes of Eilis's character. The deep connection felt by two human beings in a relationship(Tony & Eilis) is something to watch out for, nothing that Hollywood can offer. A natural hug instead of a kiss is a welcome change to reality.

If Eilis-h's girlish nature as portrayed by Saoirse is indeed the true nature of an Irish girl, man who wouldn't fall in love with Irish girls :-)

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A gem! go watch it, 5 September 2014

A English language Indian film thats simply superb!

A sweet story of a newly married couple set around 60's India. The movie makes you nostalgic, Shashi Kapoor is fantastic. The film is shot in the old delhi and I think the essence of it hasn't changed since then. The movie reminds you of a well made play. The film is very honest in terms of portraying the normal (yet interesting) life of a newly married couple.

I wish there were more Indian movies made like this. Its amazing, a film this old is actually so much more much better, funny, and enjoyable than a lot of the Bollywood movies made today.

Go watch it and relish life.

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Emotional Blackmail, 15 November 2013

Go watch this movie if you want to see a bad copycat of Django unchained.

Go watch this movie if you want to feel miserable, helpless & restless for 134 minutes.

Go watch this movie if you want to feel like beating the s**t out of everything after watching it.

Go watch this movie if you would like to see a Bollywood version of a Hollywood movie, where the worst thing on earth has to happen to the Hero.

Go watch this movie if you want to celebrate a director whose aim is to make money out of oppressed people.

Go watch this movie if you would like to know what Cinema was not meant to be.

Safe Haven (2013/I)
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Need a safe haven from Julianne Hough, 27 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Technically a decent movie - However the worst possibly acting by Julianne Hough - 101 on how to be a blonde bland plastic doll and get everything wrong. Perhaps she needs some lessons from the little girl who does a great job.

The Jo ghost becomes an unexplained flop show at the end which lets the viewer down again - I am wondering who writes such stories in 2013. Too much sugary stuff thrown in at various places (you know you are going to roll in sugar as soon as you listen to the number playing in the beginning) A few tiny moments here and there in an otherwise small beach town cliché plastic concoction.

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10/10, 5 March 2012

This movie is certainly much better than a regular 7.6, the currently running rating. I think it deserves an overall rating closer to 9, its one of the best movies of all times.

There are actually very few evergreen movies that one likes to see again and again, this is one of them, you always feel great after watching it.

The final court room scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson is electrifying. Without a single kiss, the chemistry between cruise and Moore is simply delicious, all characters are well developed, attention has been payed to every single detail.

One of my favorite scene is the one between Sam and Daniel after Downey's testimony where Cruise gets drunk - a really beautiful scene about how what our parents think about us, matters.

Worth collecting.

50/50 (2011)
Good movie, but at times unrealistic, 25 November 2011

Cancer is a difficult topic, this is a sweet film somewhat on the same lines as Juno, worth watching.

A conservative style of film making is good, especially when you want to show violence, pain etc. But when you are dealing with topics like cancer, it could also get a bit misleading or unrealistic. Getting the right balance is tough. People who haven't seen cancer close enough may get it all wrong.

Having said that most of the film works quite well, Kendrick is simply great as Katherine (she's also done a fabulous job in 'up in the air') and the magic between Gordon-Levitt & Kendrik comes across beautifully.

Carnage (2011)
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Good attempt, 18 November 2011

The film stars off very well, looks promising but about half way through or so, looses air.

There are several great french films and also some old Hollywood films which show that conversation can be extremely interesting and entertaining to watch, compared to those, I think this one is a good attempt.

After a while Jodie foster's character seems a bit excessive, same with reactions of Kate winslet's character. The men's characters and dialogues remain interesting till the end.

An enjoyable movie to watch, does make you smile.

Warrior (2011)
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Not quite there, 18 November 2011

To start with, there are some decent fighting scenes in the movie which are nice, Brendan's underdog style of fighting comes across quite well.

Unfortunately the movie attempts to deceive the audience into crying at various times with things like background music soaring without reason - e.g. person walking out of the room or a boxer out of cage with music reaching the crescendo, you wonder what the glorification is all about? Typical things we associate with a soap opera or Hollywood superficiality. Nothing honest and real, more contrived.

What one really misses in the last fight is two players giving their best and fighting out like two competitors, in the end acknowledging the best performance.

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Masterpiece, go watch it, 6 November 2011

I think our day to day life has more than enough material for a good movie. 'A separation' engrosses you into the life of a small Persian family and shows you what happens there. You get to watch this very closely and the final result is a superbly simple and beautiful film. The story is so real, this could have happened anywhere.

There is also another nice movie by the same director - 'About Elly (2009)', but I think I liked this one more.

The movie lingers, makes you think, but its not heavy on your mind, you relish the thinking, it might probably remind you of the events in your own life and what you may have done in those circumstances. In some sense, you actually cherish the fact that well - this is life. There are too many beautiful moments in this film to list, go watch it, satisfaction assured.

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