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All things to all people = some things to some people, 12 August 2014

The originality, natural sparkle and time between the 2009 release of Modern Family and the 2010 release of heavily worked Parenthood remind me of the difference between fresh and fun 'Google' and the later controlled contrived corporate copy 'Bing'.

This show has a wonderful cast of characters that I know and like as well as likable new ones; but the setup and writing tries so hard to be all things to all people that it lost me from the beginning proving that the sum can actually be less than the parts.

When a musician searches the truthfulness of their soul there is the potential for us to hear a voice and lyric we have never before experienced. When they sit down to write a song that is going to be as good as or better than another, it is by nature missing that deeper original spark and by nature doomed to limited results.

"Revenge" (2011)
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Lame, 29 August 2013

I do love Madeline Stowe and have in all of her roles, but sadly this series dropped me after the first season. It was fun for a time but the lifeless, stoic and poorly acted nature of the lead character Emily left me with only one bullet of entertainment and five blanks.

I do not mean to disrespect her. Not everyone is born with a deeper and more complex/resourceful soul to draw from. She is clearly doing the best she can from a very flat and colorless pallet.

There is nothing that can be done now to replace her and save this series that could have been great.

Because of Madeline, I am giving this two stars instead of one.

Pure Crap, 4 August 2013

I was raised in Newport Beach, including Balboa Island, Lido Isle, Corona Del Mar and the peninsula where the famous Wedge is. In reality it is a wonderful city full of great down to earth people. Yes, there has been an influx of superficial people who have flocked there because of it's coastal beauty but they are as relevant to Newport Beach as the cast of Jersey Shore is to the best of the East Coast.

To this day the quiet neighborhoods of local inhabitants are no different than the best of kind and basically boring neighborhoods anywhere.

This show is nothing but a deeply cheap ploy to play on a beautiful and desirable city and fantasize on it's most imaginary superficial aspects to deliver pure crap to those who think they need a fix to accentuate their daily lives.

The residence of Newport Beach are being just as ripped off as the sorry viewers of this show.

"Whitney" (2011)
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Self indulgent and forced upon us; has no lasting future with the public, 14 November 2012

Please fade away. Please.

When I saw her last year on Leno sitting on the couch after her turn being interviewed, she was constantly trying to draw attention to herself and attempting to upstage the next guest while they were having their interview with Jay. It was so very sad and ridiculous and showed how insecure and desperate this self-absorbed self-promoting child is.

It seems as though she has slept her way to the lower edges of recognition and has done well behind the scenes but no matter how desperate to make it cannot close the deal with the general public.

There is something very manipulative and false going on within this person and people seem to sense and know this. If she was in some way more attractive or at least had some redeeming underlying talent perhaps she would get away with it but she is instead quite annoying and lacking in both of these essential areas.

Eventually whatever got her to where she is will wear out and the public will be blessed with her disappearance from all the wasted promotion that has been forced upon us. When she fades back to her rightful place she will be remembered by very few and certainly not missed.

I am sorry to say these things about her or about anyone for that matter but when you get in my face with falsehoods it is a time to ask you to back down.