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2 inaccuracies, 20 October 2007

Overall a good documentary, but I wanted to point out to 2 inaccuracies: two pictures allegedly of King Arthur are shown constantly for example around 37:34. The first, is not of King Arthur but of Jesus. One can see the X I which stands for Jesus Christ in Greek. The second which depicts a battle is in fact of Great Alexander fighting Xerxes and it is very famous. The camera focuses on Xerxes. Again, it is a mosaic of Battle of Issus representing the battle of Alexander the Great against Darius III, perhaps after an earlier Greek painting of Philoxenus of Eretria. This mosaic was found in Pompeii in the House of the Faun and is now in the National Museum of Naples. It is dated first century BC. So both these pictures have nothing to do with King Arthur. I wonder why would they use them? It just discredits the entire effort.