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a good effort, 10 January 2009

A serial killer stalks the city of Boston and a DR Jeckyll goes to a lawyer claiming to be the serial killer and that he can turn into another person. You have to give this Canadian t.v movie updating of the oft told classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale credit for giving it a fresh approach.This is pleasingly sombre and manages for the most part to be genuinely unsettling straight from the films beginning until it runs out of steam in a courtroom finale.It does offer a different but unsatisfying twist at the end.Dougray Scott in the lead role(s)and in very little makeup to distinquish the two characters is very, very good.A good effort overall.

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much much better than i expected, 10 January 2009

Went to see this with my 9 year old son without much expectation as i am not a great Adam Sandler fan although i don't dislike him ethier, but i do dislike Russell Brand.Was i in for a surprise, i found this movie extremely charming, a real feel good, funny movie. Film almost restores my faith in Hollywood,as i am very discouraged at the moment because i am a great passionate fan of horror movies and all they are doing at the moment is churning out a glut of unnecessary remakes.Anyway back to the subject, the whole cast is charming and look as if they enjoyed themselves and so do the audience ( at least the ones in the cinema i saw it with). a great family film but bizarrely and to me frighteningly Guy Pearce to me looked alarmingly like Cliff Richard.very good entertainment with a lot of laugh out loud moments, and refreshingly no or very little bad language.

Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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frankly a mess, 4 January 2009

Flu like virus hits a town and turns it's victims into flesh eating zombies, small band of survivors fight to survive. Quite frankly, this is a senseless insult to the excellent " Living Dead" films of George A Romero from director Steve Miner.Here the zombies are fast moving, can walk on ceilings, can jump, and have signs of intelligence. I suppose it's an attempt at a different approach at zombies but it doesn't work. Film has a short running time and so skimps on everything including the ending.People moaned about " House Of The Dead"?This is worse, a couple of OK moments but film is not good, and has little to do with the 1985 zombie classic of the same name.

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The Songs Bad, The Film's Good, 15 November 2008

The twenty second James Bond and the most unlike a James Bond film of the series, and that is not a complaint because this is one of the better entries, not the best but it probably is the darkest and most serious of the series so far.It helps if you have seen the previous film "Casino Royale" otherwise it can at times be confusing, but this in my opinion is the better film than the last, which was OK but slightly over rated.There is plenty of action here and as you would expect for a Bond film competent as always.There are a couple of references to past films, blatantly so in the case of "Goldfinger" which is still the best of the series. A shorter, trimmer film,again not a bad thing.Daniel Craig makes a ruthless Bond.good overall.

"Dead Set" (2008)
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I Hate BigBrother But I Love This, 15 November 2008

I don't think there is anything new that can be done with the "zombie film" ( i hope WORLD WAR Z proves me wrong)and this is far from new, but it is one of the best and exciting outlays of the horror genre. Dead set has it all, and for what it is, is very well done, the acting is much better than i expected.Yes, film borrows liberally from other zombie classics notably all the George a Romero films and the new version of " dawn of the dead" and both " 28 Days Later" and " 28 Weeks Later", but in my opinion can hold it's head up proudly as it takes it's place beside them as a zombie classic.It has gore, lashings of humour and is thrilling, and although the climatic sequences completely rip off Romero's " Day Of The Dead" it doesn't cheat and although some reviewers here have said they don't like the ending, for me it concludes the only way it could as a " happier ending" would have lessened the film considerably.For a Channel 4 film, this is very very good and will satisfy horror fans.

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good stylish spaghetti western, 24 August 2008

Retired sheriff is persuaded by a politician to come back and hunt down a Mexican who has raped and murdered a twelve year old girl but he slowly realises the Mexican has been framed to cover up the real murderer. Good, stylish spaghetti western,this is the longer uncut version of the film and not the hacked up Amercian version that lost nearly twenty minutes of footage.This has a rather slow start and develops into a chase movie in a kind of western version of "the fugitive".Lee Van Cleef is his usual dependable self and the Ennio Morricone soundtrack is good although i'm not sure about the screeching title song!Film is good and satisfies overall.

WALL·E (2008)
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certainly not garbage, 24 August 2008

In the 22nd century the earth is so full of garbage it becomes uninhabitable, so humans go to live on massive ships in space.Alone robot who was forgotten to be switched off lives a lonely life cleaning up, until one day something happens. The animation on this film is extremely good, and at times does not look like animation at all.Not really a children's film as it has a obvious message although it is rammed down your throat.Film is at times touching and delightful and has lovable characters in WALL*Ehimself and EVA.Film has some funny moments but not as many as you might think.A touch overlong but good overall.

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a snow western, 24 August 2008

In the latter part of the 19th century,Alaska is swamped with people claiming land for goldmines and a struggle ensues between a crooked businessman and a half breed over stolen land. This is in all aspects a western but set in land covered with snow and with sledges more than horses.Film is actually mainly norweigian made but also has other countries involved in it's production,so may even come under the euro western genre.Film is slow paced but also strangely seems rushed at times especially at a rather lacklustre climax.James Caan as the villain of the piece plays it all wide eyed and mad looking which is a little over the top.Some sporadic violence and a couple of OK moments but not enough.

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Far from the best bond, far from the worst, 23 August 2008

The James Bond franchise was given a big overhaul here to bring it up to date and ironically they went back to the original novel which was the only one not owned by the makers of the original Bond films but was filmed lacklustrely in 1967. Daniel Craig was chosen as the new James Bond and this was met with howls of derision and protest and many thought this was the beginning of the end for the Bond franch, all this before film was released.Daniel Craig does not fit the description of James Bond and is far too small, but he brings an air of menace to the role and is a convincing killer type.Film is less jokey and in a way is more believable but still has many contrived moments, and film is overly complicated and jettisons the novel's plot but retains certain moments in the new version.Some good action scenes and film is well made as you would expect but it does have it's dull moments.Critics went crazy and hailed this as perhaps the best of the series, in my opinion it's far from that, but it's not the worst ethier.

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Disappointing, 23 August 2008

A card sharp,a prostitute, an insane negro and a drunkard come out of jail and wander together but fall into the hands of a vicious Indian in the desert and struggle to survive. Extremely uneven and very disappointing spaghetti western that has a reputation of being violent and nasty,it's not, in fact it is slow paced and very little happens.Film is directed by Lucio Fulci who like Dario Argento in my opinion are very over rated by the horror and giallo fans.Film is violent at times, but not enough in my opinion and film is more often sad. The performances are also uneven with Fabio Testi coming off best, but Harry Baird and Lynne Frederick are annoying.Michael J Pollard, one of my least favourite actors is surprisingly at his least annoying here.very disappointing. fair at best.

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