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The Birds (1963)
You will never look at those little feathered things in the same way ever again...., 3 February 2002

Hitchcock showed what he could do when given another of Daphne Du Maurier's "The Birds" in 1960 and was well on his way into the supernatural with THE BIRDS. If anyone can hold you in suspense with a bunch of seagulls and sparrows Hitchcock and Du Mauroer can.

Tippi Hedren is the ice queen blonde, a standard in Hitchcock's films. And she really earns her salary in this one. Don't forget Jessica Tandy, the overbearing mother. [There's always one of those in Hitchcock's films too.]

By the way can you find Hitchcocks cameo appearance in this one?

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Mel is still Mad Max in the "outback" but now Tina Turner is the Queen of Thunderdome, 31 January 2002

Max arrives through the futuristic barren "outback" after being robbed of his few possessions only to stumble into Bartertown, A wild-west trading post of the future teaming with criminals and ruled by Aunt Entity {a fabulous Tina Turner) and Master Blaster {Paul Larsson). He is forced to fight on behalf of Aunt Entity in the post-apocalyptic arena, Thunderdome. Mel and Tina are fabulous. And Paul Larsson is over the top.

Max is still travelling the post-apocalyptic "outback"., 31 January 2002

Former police-officer, "Mad Max" is now the lone wanderer, travelling through a vast wasteland that is Australia after a nuclear war, where petrol is the most valuable commodity. His life is only for survival. He is forced to help a small group of honest people running a remote oil refinery from a marauding gang of biker thugs and save the fuel supply too. A film classic II.

Mad Max (1979)
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The role that put Mel Gibson and Australia on the Film Map, 31 January 2002

In a post-apocalyptic, barren Australia, violent nomadic gangs rule the desert and .... 'Mad' Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) goes on a quest for revenge after his family is murdered by a biker gang....sorta futuristic "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" with Mel as the monosyllabic loner out to even the score. Add this film to your personal movie collection. Its the first of many fabulous Mel Gibson films.

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Justin McLeod wants to slip the surly bonds of earth and young Chuck wants to get into Military School but he'll need Justin's help, 31 January 2002

Young Chuck wants more than anything to get into Military School but he will need tutoring to make the grade. His only hope is reclusive Justin McLeod, a former teacher. Justin is a reclusive figure of ridicule in this small town because of his disfigured face and other hushed implications. This mark on his face was from an automobile accident ten years before in which a boy was incinerated and for which he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. When Chuck looks for Justin's help and they become friends, the town's people become suspicious and hostile. I found it to be a good coming-of-age story; however I have to admit I did not get to read the novel - something I prefer to do. So I can not speak to the success of keeping the film in line with the original story. I found it to stand on its own.

Maverick (1994)
Mel Gibson is Bret Maverick. James Garner is Zane Cooper and Jodie Foster is Annabelle Bransford and they are all up to something, 31 January 2002

This version of Maverick stars Mel Gibson as Bret Maverick, and James Garner, the original Maverick, as Zane Cooper. Add Jodi Foster as AnnaBelle Bransford with a fake southern-belle accent and a Riverboat Poker Game with very high stakes and you have all the elements for a tongue in cheek light hearted comedy. With these pros you will have to laugh.

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Vinnie Antonelli is about to enter the Witness Protection Program and he will change everyone's life in his new neighborhood., 31 January 2002

FBI agent Barney Coopersmith (Rick Moranis) is assigned to protect former Mafia figure Vinnie Antonelli (Steve Martin) in the witness protection program, far away from his NYC neighborhood. Vinnie has to get used to his new neighborhood in the "burbs" and his new name "Todd". But the 'burbs" will have to get used to Vinnie. No matter how he tries Vinnie just can't keep a low profile. Coopersmith certainly has his hands full keeping Antonelli away from the Mafia hitmen who want to stop him testifying, and the local D.A. Hannah Stubbs played by Joan Cusack,not to mention the nightclubs... But who would have thought Vinnie could play cupid thru all of this. This hysterically funny screenplay written by Nora Ephron and played for every laugh by Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Joan Cusack, Melanie Mayron, and Carol Kane will put a smile on your face. This film is great Laugh Therapy everytime. Add this to your film library.

They're Back.....They're still together....They're still nutz!, 31 January 2002

Riggs and Murtaugh are teamed up again, only this time they have Lorna Cole to keep them on the straight and narrow. All they have to do is catch crooked former cop Lt Jack Edward Travis who appears to be selling guns out of the evidence room. Sergeant Lorna Cole of the Internal Affairs Division maybe no nonsense but she's awakened something in Riggs. Gibson, Glover, and Russo make for an adventuresome, comedic, threesome. You can rent all three Lethal Weapons and have a Mel-a-thon!

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Ricky has to find a way to reach the love of his life even if he has to tie her down to do it., 31 January 2002

As far as I am concerned this is Almodóvar's most erotic comedic film ever made. I don't know how much has to do with the chemistry between Victoria Abril and Antonio Bandaras or if they are just excellent actors. !Atame! or "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down" in English has all of Almodovars' usual suspects and the story is told with the proper amount of impish humor and believable drama. Antonio Banadaras is 'comeble' as Ricky the orphaned, juvenal delinquent now grown and with a sexual talent to be admired. And Victoria Abril plays well the unknowing stalked film actress, who tries to use her wits to outsmart Ricky until he slowly wins her over. This is played for comedic satire and it works. One who doesn't appreciate this film obviously misses the subtleness of seduction. Oh yes, you must watch the subtitled version to pick up the intonations of the original voices and language. !Ay que calor!

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Fasten your seatbelts, Eve, it's going to be a bumpy flick!, 31 January 2002

There is a reason this film walked off with at least 6 Oscars and has stood the test of time. Rapier wit written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and a stellar cast with acting skills from the proscenium stage one doesn't see in film today.

This is probably Bette Davis's swan song, as Margo Channing the just past her prime Queen of the Stage. Ann Baxter is superb as the overly ambitious girl who will do anything to get the fame and glory she desires. George Sanders as the serpentine gossip columnist is at his most devious. Plus a wonderful supporting cast.

The are classic lines that are delivered with the craft of the royalty of American Theater.

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