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Of undeniable historical importance., 3 August 2011

Though this hour-long tape is 36 years old (and it shows), there is precious little footage of the Dreamlanders from the 1970s, and it's very exciting to have another video artifact from this era.

Divine and John are the main subjects, although David Lochary and Mink Stole interject comments now and then. Hay is a pretty good interviewer; he clearly knows his subject matter.

This tape can be found with relative ease on YouTube and various other websites.

Now, does anyone have the 20-minute interview that Andy Warhol shot with Waters and Divine to promote Female Trouble in early 1975?

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1985? No way!, 2 December 2007

It's pretty clear that this documentary must have been made circa 1981.

First of all, this was clearly made in conjunction with the production and release of Polyester.

Also, the physical appearance of each of the subjects (Divine, Edith, John himself) matches the contemporary photos of same in Shock Value and other sources.

And most specifically, Divine mentions in the film that Mae West died "last year." West did in fact pass away in 1980.

It's too bad the extant copies of this doc are of such poor quality; it's a fascinating picture of the early Dreamlanders. Let's be thankful we also have Love Letter to Edie, Divine Trash, a few clips on the New Line "bonus disc," and the recently unearthed Edith's Shopping Bag to document this formative era.