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Light on the horror, 10 July 2016

This mockumentary is too similar to the real thing to entertain horror fans. It's a smooth production, and the performances are solid, especially Hanrahan's portrayal of the jaded prostitute "survivor" in the extended interview that forms the basis of movie. But while the audience may be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the setup, as the minutes go by and the Event doesn't seem to get any closer, the suspicion begins to set in that there won't be time time for a climax that isn't disappointing. And indeed the ending is a letdown, though not insulting so, but there was neither the budget nor the imagination for anything interesting.

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Not so pretty, 9 July 2016

Poorly made: bad camera-work, bad sound, bad pacing, and acting that certainly could be better. The villain does come across as pretty creepy, especially since he keeps his mouth shut, but the movie drags on too much in home movie fashion for there to be any tension. Viewers also aren't rewarded with the violence and gore that they expect for investing their time watching low quality horror. Though the characters of the victims aren't developed in the slightest, the movie does sort of make the supporting role of the cop interesting. His confrontation with villain provides a resolution to the movie that is not very climactic, or intelligent, but that could be described as droll. Not a terrible movie, but it doesn't make up for its shortcomings enough to be worth it for the viewer.

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Slipped Transmission, 16 April 2016

The concept of this movie--girlfriend turns into serial killer on a road-trip--has potential, but it isn't really fulfilled. The production quality is good, and the acting is OK, but the story just isn't well told. There's not enough character depth, not enough tension, and ultimately not enough horror. And at points the plausibility of the characters' actions is so strained that it seems like there must be scenes missing. No doubt there were limitations due to the budget, but what's the point of making a film when the product is less compelling than a TV episode? Not entirely a waste of time since the actresses are at least enjoyable to watch, but disappointing.

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Giving the people what they want, 7 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Vomit, gore, and Christmas. This movie is sickening and relentless, though rather repetitive. Valentine's style seems to be improving, the soundtrack and cinematography are pretty good, and a consistency is maintained despite the bizarre subject matter. This movie also doesn't spend time on pornographic digressions that reduce the tension. That said, the rapid cuts, intended to disorient, soon become tiring. And some shots are too long or clear, revealing the effects to be ludicrously fake, though this is probably not unintended. Of course there isn't much of a decipherable plot, but this movie succeeds in doing what it intended.

Face (2012)
Well that escalated quickly, 26 March 2016

It's surprising that this movie has gotten so little attention; though it's not great, it should be of interest to horror fans. Parties that get out of control and mean teens are fun subjects, and found-footage adds to the fun. Some will probably be annoyed by the shaky cam, some might be bored by the movie going over part of the timeline twice from different perspectives, and some will say the plot is too predictable or unrealistic. The concluding events are the whole point of the movie, but they don't unfold in a very plausible way. On the other hand, plausibility might be impossible so it might as well go for shock-value. Bottom line is that the movie delivered.

Goodleburg (2011)
For fans of Blair Witch, 24 March 2016

Yet another found-footage film about a haunted forest, but it's a bountiful theme, since nature creates the atmosphere, and no budget is needed. They did a pretty good job with this one, though there is the usual aggravation of characters making stupid decisions to head into danger. This persistence along with the simplistic and unoriginal scares makes it somewhat difficult to become immersed in the movie. The supernatural evil seems to be providing scary moments like in a Halloween haunted house rather than as a real threat for most of the movie. But it's not a bad watch, and the ending is acceptable, even if this movie doesn't add much new.

Tiresome, 20 March 2016

Though this movie uses a vintage film effect without the pretense of being a vintage film, and pretends to be a found-footage style movie without sticking to that perspective, it is surprisingly watchable since these gimmicks keep it from looking cheap and provide some visual interest. Liberal cross-cutting to random pornographic BDSM scenes certainly spices things up as well. But, almost the entire movie is just a monologue, and though the delivery and script are fairly good, it's not enough. And while the movie gives the impression that it is building up to something shocking, the long-awaited action is very underwhelming.

Evil Souls (2015)
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A Mess, 29 February 2016

This movie might have some disturbing moments if the viewer could figure out what was going on. There are ghosts, a maniac in a mask, a little gore, some kind of demonic possession, but it's hard to see why this waste of time was made. Mostly it's about a woman abducted by a psycho, but these scenes are too reminiscent of The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and the comparison is certainly not favorable. The supernatural elements don't add up to much, the addition of the priest is silly, and the conclusion, as far as I can understand it, is weak. Can't even give it credit as low-budget fun due to the dramatic music that drowns out the sloppy dialogue.

Forsaken (2016/II)
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Lives up to the cover, 5 February 2016

Despite the mumbling actors, incoherent story-line, and dim lighting this low-budget horror does succeed in portraying a creepy atmosphere. But atmosphere only goes so far, and as the film meanders on, presenting scenes that don't fit together, and way too much blubbering from a grown man, viewers will probably start checking the clock. The director and editor were probably doing the same, because the movie doesn't build up to much and the ending seems rushed despite taking forever to arrive. It's difficult to say whether this is worth the investment of time, certainly the viewer won't be missing much if he or she gives up.

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Really?, 2 February 2016

White pretty boy plays a poor mechanic from the hood who decides to become a pro boxer to support his sick black mother. While it's not badly made for a small film, the absurd casting ruins every scene, and discovering that the writer/director is the leading actor reveals how you've been cheated of your time. The entire plot is ludicrous anyway, a thin and inferior imitation of real boxing movies; the acting is weak and lazy even from the real actors desperate enough to have taken the job; and the fight scenes are boring. It's unfortunate that Kent Moran can't be put on trial to provide some explanation for what he had done and beg for forgiveness.

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