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Lost Reality (2004) (V)
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Overall pretty funny, 23 September 2004

National Lampoon had a free DVD/poster giveaway at my fraternity, and wouldn't even recommend watching the movie, because due to legal obligations, it was THAT horrible and racist. But we all watched it anyway, and while us in our drunken state thought it was real at first, soon realized it was a bunch of staged "reality shows" which makes it even more hilarious.

The Amazing Racist was definitely the funniest. But overall the puking scene was great and it wasn't a good movie by any means. but it definitely was entertaining.

3/5 Stars

-Rent It

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Funny!!!, 25 January 2002

I am not easily humored, but man this movie is probably the most hilarious movie I have seen in the longest time. The writer and director from the Ace Ventura films took some old Hong Kong fighter flick from like 1979 and put himself in it and redubbed EVERYONE with very VERY hilarious voices. Trust me, this movie will be the funniest movie you have EVER seen.

Yes, even funnier than Dirty Work! I laughed so much I even cried at one scene.

It has a very cheesy storyline, but that is expected in a comedy, so don't go seeing this expecting an Oscar-winning performance, yet rather expect a funny movie that you would never expect to be so hilarious