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Brotherhood (2016/I)
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Absolutely Dreadful. Awkward watch., 7 April 2017

Really struggling to believe the other reviews on here are not false. All have very similar patterns. Enjoyed the first two movies and was disappointed didn't get to see this in cinema but so pleased I didn't. Minus a lot of nudity, I would of considered this a 12A film. I only remember one death in the film. The violence was comical. In fact the whole film could not decide if it was a gritty drama or a tongue in cheek comedy. Such awkward attempts at humour. Would have to say the very worse screen bad guys I have ever seen. And the editing was atrocious, the movie jumped all over the place. Truly awful film.

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Midly entertaining but absurdly biased, 15 January 2017

Knew the name and some of the stories, and the documentary film did not disappoint summing up McLean's life over an 80 min run time. However having his son narrate the documentary had me concerned from the start and my fears were justified with his son Jamie trying to show off a hard man reputation for himself.

We all know people personally who live life through a parent, and this seemed very much the case here as Jamie seemed to revel growing up in his dads hard man shadow asking the question is he viewed to be just like his dad - simple answer is no. The question of why very few of McLean's family were willing to be interviewed was never answered except Jamie's mention they were 'all a bit nuts'.

With no one else to interview its left to Jamie to recite the legendary stories he had heard growing up, some from when he was a 7 year old boy so rationalisation will have to go out the window. Do not come in to this documentary expecting many facts or hard evidence except relying on some home videos to judge for yourself.

The documentary only really got interesting with 12 minutes to go when off camera, McLean's sister had mentioned he had a darker side to him (shocker) and he could be a bully sometimes growing up. For the first time a negative issue was being raised which was much welcomed for some unbiased viewing. However things rapidly went downhill when this 'revelation' caused the narrator Jamie to feel emotional and he then gets involved in an altercation in a cafe (off camera!) to show he is a big tough guy after all - yawn.

All in a decent time passer but do not expect to find out anything new here, particularly from anyone in McLean's inner circle.

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Well I'll be damned...surprisingly good!!, 24 January 2005

This is certainly not my sort of film, but after my girlfriend began complaining we always watch my movies, I prepared myself for 90 minutes of fake laughter and smiling to keep her happy, after all who else was I gonna take to see the new 'Clint' movie out.

However the opening scene with the tadpoles set the way for 90 minutes of top notch comedy, not exactly a laugh a second sort of comedy like Scary Movie or The Naked Gun, but a more all round sort of comedy where most gags hit the mark, certainly a major difference to Scary Movie! The casting is spot on, one of the major differences to the sequel. Bruce Willis is a great choice to play the voice of Mikey, and John Travolta is fantastic. But for me it was George Segal who stole the show for me, playing Mikey's real father, who in his words is going through a 'selfish phase'.

Sadly the sequels are simply terrible, but this movie is one of the best comedies I've seen in a long time, and I gave it 8/10.

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NOT for the half brained Bond viewer...this is Bond at its best!, 16 December 2002

Timothy Dalton fascinated me right from the start of the film, never has a Bond been so captivating to watch! Personally I thought he was amazing, maybe because he was s such a change to Roger Moore's humourous Bond, but for me, not one thing about Timothy Dalton was wrong about James Bond's character. He was the perfect age, had exactly the right look for a secret spy/assassin, and was deadly serious in his role. How can people say he's awful because he doesnt make a wise crack about everything around him. He still pleases the audience with the humour when necessary, and I think he's the perfect 'romantic' Bond. Unlike Roger Moore's character you could believe he genuinely liked the Bond girl, instead of simply looking for a quick 'shag'.

The plot was brilliant and unlike some Bond film's didnt get boring and predictable half way through. This film didn't just rely on explosions and some clever gadgets, but a complex plot and a story of who to trust. The girl was gorgeous in my opinion, but did get slightly annoying towards the end of the film. The baddies although not the best in the series by far, put on good performances, but unlike most people I didn't like the character of Whittaker. Koskov was sly and cowardice, and not your average psychopath like most Bond baddies, he was simply believable.

My biggest complaint about the Bond series is why Timothy Dalton didn't appear in more Bond films. He simply never gets boring on screen, and seems so genuine. Overall I think The Living Daylights was finally designed for real Bond fans again, instead of the last couple of comedy action films. Don't get me wrong...Roger Moore is hilarious but this is what Bond films should really be about. I wish someone would tell that to the current money seeking idiots who made the latest Bond film (Die Another Day), in hope of attracting a new audience in the 'dumb, wanna see stupid stunts teenagers'.

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Worst horror movie of the 90's!, 8 December 2002

This movie got huge advertising when it was released, I remember 1 quote from 1 of the papers saying 'scariest US film in 10 years.' For this reason alone I couldn't wait to see it. After 30 minutes I thought this is really good and tense. The whole car driving thing had introduced us to the characters, and everything's being set up for your standard cat and mouse horror. Yet I was so dissapointed by the end, the characters we'd come to known, were now just irritating and unlike characters such as Laurie Strode, I couldn't care less if the leading two were killed off. In fact after getting over the shock of seeing the guy dead at the end, it actually became quite hilarious. Was this the worse ending to a film ever? I know happy ever after endings can be ridiculous but at least you leave the cinema with a sense of good feeling. Of cause a sequel was inevitable and obviously coming soon.

What was the coloured psychic woman's use besides to irritate the audience? But the worst part of this movie had to be the actual scary character who you believe to be a psychopathic human like Michael Myers or Jason, and turns out to be a flying monster!! As soon as I discovered this I lost all interest in the film. Its like saying Michael Myers is really from Mars. And to say it was a twist to the film is laughable. Maybe I didn't like this film because of the pre-release hype it had recieved. Overall I really despised this film and the only good thing about it was the addictive 'Jeepers Creepers song'! I give it 1/5 because it did have the odd tense moment.

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Sooo frustrating, least enjoyable Bond by far, 22 November 2002

Never in any of the previous 19 movies have I felt dissapointed, or bored by the end of the film. Ok some storylines flop, the baddies can at times be pathetic, and sometimes the humour is more cheesy than a lump of cheddar, however I've always got to the end credits with a feeling of satisfaction and eager-ness to the next Bond. But this film just collapsed on all levels that make Bond films so watchable over and over again.

Plot- James Bond's are not renowned for their terrific stories but this one has just been used so many times, mad man, has dream to take over the world, uses diamonds...fails after close encounter. Realistic plots is all we want, like Goldfinger (to x10 his personal wealth with ludicrous plot), The Living Daylights (playing countries agasint each other), and License to kill (simply to sell drugs)...but a second sun which turns into a giant laser...exactly the same as Diamonds are forever and the more recent Goldeneye!! The betrayed Bond aspect was a change and I enjoyed this, seeing him in prison after 14 months gave a realistic approach that James Bond is only human. But after the trade he seems to become indestuctible.

Action- Of course the action is going to be terrific, but terrific action doesn't equal enjoyable action. It was just so boring to watch, stupid dumb explosions, alot of gunfire and stupid stunts! I mean the surfing thing was ridiculous, but the fencing fight was just utterly stupid. Are we meant to believe they were actually going to kill each other, and remember this guy is Korean!...where on earth did he learn to fence fight in Korea.

Gadgets- The one delight to this film was John Cleese playing Q. I thought he was dreadful in the previous film but this one made him look a lot more clever and realistic. However the same cannot be said about the gadgets, they were simply awful! An invisible car?? Need I say more.

Humour- I think this was the main downfall of this film. Nearly every line was trying to be funny or have sexual references. The dreadful lines in Jason X were more humourous than this because it wasn't taking itself seriously. There are so many corny one liners you kinda half lose interest in the dialogue altogether!

Girls- Don't beleive the hype, this film just has your average dumb girl- Jinx Halle Berry), who really is awful in this film and has no charm or charisma about her. Frost was very sexy but of course doesnt turn out to be all she seems.

Bond- Pierce Brosnan does a great job with what he is given, and he's terrific in the previous three but here he doesn't seem like Bond at all. Just a cocky, sly, and rather predictable imitation of the James Bond we all love. He really does just seem like a bit of an idiot in this one and almost like he's lost his touch.

Overall the constant references to previous Bonds to mark the 40th anninversary ruined this film for me, so many moments had been repeated (laser scene- Goldfinger, Halle Berry linked to Ursula Andress- Dr No, going down plane - The Living Daylights, these really are just a few to name. The resulting Bond in this movie is obvious, they've simply tried to make him cooler, more hip and more modern but in my view fail dreadfully. Bring the back the day when James Bond was charming, humourous, realistic and began to act like a true 00 agent like in the early installments.

Surprisingly enjoyable!!, 6 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A few years ago when I got into the Halloween series, just as H20 was coming out I watched all the Halloween films before its release. It was only after I watched H20 i even realised there was a Halloween 6, it was no where to be seen in shops and I only found out when it was on Channel 5! That alone tells you this film isn't highly rated!

So I watched expecting very little, if anything hoping it would explain the end of Halloween 5. I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes and passed all expectations. Not only did it bring back Jamie, but introduces her new born child, and brings back old characters such as the popular Dr. Loomis and Tommy Doyle (now a slightly ecentric loner). The start is very shocking, especillay the grizzly death of the nurse! In my opinion this film had Michael Myers at his meanest and best I've ever seen him since the original (Unlike Ressurection...that was very frustrating!!) He looked good, the mask was great, and he didn't toy with his victims, he was just his ruthless self (the hospital scene at the end!!)

**(Spoilers follow)** The death of Jamie was very dissapointing, especillay after all the cheering her on, everyone did in Halloween 4/5, but this has to be expected with todays horror movies (we see this at its worst in Halloween Ressurection!). But when she got, boy did she get it! By far one of the most gross Halloween killings. Dr. Loomis does look too old in this but this can't be helped, and its great to see him back. The main reason people hate this is because the explanations of why Michael is the way he is, ok the whole star thing is a little exaggerated, but surely its better than H20's explanation...are we really meant to believe he just waited around for 20 years! I really liked Tommy Doyles character in this, and the way he stood up upto Myers. The Strode family were easy targets to raise the death toll of this movie, haha but you have to love John Strodes death, no matter how stupid it is! He's not shown as the nicest guy in this film so you know he's gonna get it bad! The final finale is fantastic, and Myers is truly scary, especillay the tunnel scene (does Michael actually run there!). Overall no this isn't the best in the series by far, but it's definitly up there with the most enjoyable! I give it 8/10.

I wanted to love it...I really did!, 6 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I heard this film was being made back in 2001 I was over the moon. The death of Michael in H20 was brilliantly done, but deep down I think all Halloween fans just wanted to see Michael back on the big screen! Who cared about plot I thought, they can bring Michael back anyway they liked for all I cared!!

This was my first Halloween at the cinema so when the music began I was ecstatic! But 90 minutes later I was just so so dissapointed. I'd seen Michael back again, but that alone was not enough I realised, and wished this had never been made.

**(Spoilers ahead)** There were 3 main things wrong with this film-

1) Busta Rhymes (Freddie Harris)...for me this guy alone ruined this film. His character was so fake, his dialogue was pathetic, and his overall acting was atrocious. How could they allow a character like this in a Halloween film, ok if they want to kill him off quick to raise the death toll, fair enough...but as a main character!!!!

2) The death of Jamie- I knew this was coming and I dont think its a secret to anyone, but its the way they did it, making Jamie look like a complete idiot. Ok she wanted to make sure, but who else was she expecting, he'd obviously killed alot of guards to reach her, so even if she did kill him- who cared!!! And her final words- 'see you in hell', call me crazy but don't we want to hear after all her suffering, she's finally being able to rest in the place upstairs, not down below!!

3) All the characters were just truly annoying, you was just cheering Michael on wanting him to kill this irritating character in the goriest way! And when a film gets like this like the Nightmare on Elm Street films did, aren't they just pretty pointless?

I thought they did the 'bringing back Micheal' without too much stupidity, but when you watch H20 you realise how daft it is. In that the poor ambulance driver survived a broken layrnx, going through a glass window, being hit by a van, and finally being crushed. And to top it off after being hit by the van, he did the classic Myers sit up. There were however cool deaths in this and Michael was truly brilliant and looked great. One bit where the director obviously went mad for a while was the scene where Busta Rhymes screams at Micheal. I was enjoying this moment thinking this is it, he's gonna really make him suffer now, and I waited...and waited, before Micheal obeys him! What the hell was that all about!! Overall the whole camera thing works quite well, a little daft but its a different approach. It's obvious 'innocent' Sara will survive but the whole Deckland thing was so lame! When no-one believes the killings are real, the film got stupid, I know special effects are great these days but this was meant to be live, so how the hell would they do it!

As I said before the main reason why I hate this movie is Busta Rhymes, he wasn't funny at all. You knew when Michael stabs him he'll still be alive. But I thought this was building upto a big kill between the two at the end, but I couldnt believe my eyes when it was Michael on the recieving end, not only did we have to watch Busta's awful martial arts, but listen to his pathetic one liners (Trick or treat mother fuc*er), these corny lines should not be in Halloween films!

My only wish is please, please, please kill Busta Rhymes character straight away in the next Halloween, and my faith in the series will be re-stored! Overall I gave this 5/10 coz of the cool deaths, and quite simply Michael's back!!

"It" (1990)
This is a great movie, 24 January 2002

Personally I think this film is brilliant and would never have guessed it was made for t.v. The acting is excellent all the way through especillay from the kids in the first half. Tim Curry is superb as the clown and I can think of no-one better to play the part of making a clown hilarious yet terrifying at the same time. We see the much more funny side of him in the 2nd half as he continues to mock the adults.

I never once got bored with this movie which I was surprised about because it is 3 hours long. I admit the ending isn't brilliant but I suppose as good as any. Having not read the book I can't judge what is better but I can't see how the book can be scarier than the movie. This film has everything from an excellent story line, great acting and horror at it's best. I'd give this movie 9/10

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Made for under 18 girls!, 23 January 2002

I won't bore you with a long story but I watched this movie as it came out on rental with my 14 year old sister. She loved it- she was genuinely scared and has watched it many times before taking it back. By the end of the week most at the kids from school had seen the movie as it was the latest release, and i had never a film where it has such a different opinion......mainly by gender. All the girls loved this movie, I don't think I talked to one that didn't like it. They thought it was terrifying! Yet the boys had a different view, including myself- I really disliked this movie for some reason. It had good acting- I'll give it that! It had some brilliant actors in it like Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prince Jr. Unlike the terrible Jennifer Love Hewitt, who very annoyingly turns out to be the heroine.

My big problem with this movie was the story. It starts very well, but after the car crash it just gets worst and worst every minute. The murders (which are very few) are slow, laughable and very un-intense. And the murderers outfit!!!!!! They really have ran out of ideas after the plain white mask, hockey mask, scarred face, fencing mask, death costume and scream mask there ideas were now a........fisherman's outfit. Truly awful!

As the movie drags on to the final scenes we find ourselves watching a fishing boat for the finale with the killer. After being apparently 'killed' in laughable fashion, (shock shock- his hand comes off!'

And the last scene is just annoying because unlike how this is used successfully in other films (Halloween) by telling us the killer isnt really dead it just leaves us confused and dreading a sequel. I'm a huge horror fan but this really was awful viewing and reached my top 5 worst horror movies. Although maybe I'm wrong because the girls loved it. This is probably the ideal movie for a girly sleep-over but for real horror fans- avoid! Thats my opinion anyway- I'd give it 2/10

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