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West's Island, 17 June 2008

This is not a bad 'West', but what it lacks in story it makes up with in atmosphere. What's really great about it is that it stars Alan Hale and Jim Backus from 'Gilligan's Island' on the show and even plays the 'Gilligan's' theme song briefly at the end of the episode. Dawn Wells had also starred on the show earlier in it's run. And why not,both shows were on CBS. Even though Hale is a good sidekick we again miss Arte and his disguises. The spooky sets are fine and remind me of a scooby doo episode but the plot we've seen a thousand times For that reason the show is a little dry but sit back and take a three hour tour of the Wild Wild West. It's a fun episode

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West...James West, 6 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This two part episode comes closest in my opinion to a 'Bond' film. We have at least three different villains including a diabolical big headed mastermind who is intent on destroying the good ol' U S of A with hypnosis and assassination who lives in a vast underground hide-out that is destroyed in the end. We have great guest actors like Harry Lauter who was in just about every TV show made including Robert Conrad's 'Hawaian Eye'.

We get Bernard Fox from Hogan's Heroes as one Dr Occularis who kills himself with a backward firing gun and Robert Ellenstein who was so memorable in North by North West as another Dr Occularis.

Jackie Coogan, the former child star, shows up as the mayor and William Schallert who had been in two previous Wests plays Jame's assistant Frank Harper

He's no Arte, who is still missing in action, but his performance is to be admired. This would be the only two part Wild and a good time is had by all. Most enjoyable.

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West of Mexico, 4 May 2008

Even though Arte Gordon manages an appearance in this episode I found this show a little by-the-numbers for my liking.

The series falls into humdrum with this script and one has to wonder whether the injuries to Conrad and Martin and the changing co-stars were having a negative effect at this stage.

The story as it stands has a bunch of thugs dressing up as Conquistadors and threatening a village in Mexico with a fake volcano.

The normally excellent Thayer David plays the fake God Cortez and even he looks like he was going through the motions.

It's nice to see Arte back in action and the volcano machine looks fantastic but one hopes that this wouldn't begin a down hill run for the rest of the series.

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A Loveless West !, 3 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even though Pike had appeared before in ,'Night of the Camera', this looks to be his first episode as he is introduced by Col Richmond to West so my thinking is that this was the first show that was filmed with Pike after Martin's injury.

It's funny that Loveless makes his final appearance in Wild Wild West at the same time that Arte is missing in action.

It's always great to watch Dunn as Dr Loveless and is with some sadness that we enjoy his appearance knowing that he wouldn't return.

Of course he's up to his old tricks with a mechanical man threatening West and using the cover of a traveling circus to cage his victims is typical Loveless stuff. Loveless to West was the Joker to the Batman.

And it's a shame that after this show we would see him no more

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West's Big Fork, 2 May 2008

A giant fork is destroying mansions and the boys become involved trying to figure out who's behind it. A great episode with Ross Martin shining as an uppity waiter carving tooth picks for an unsavory guest.

Harold Gould who would later go on to be the bad guy in Mel Brook's 'Silent Movie', is the guest villain and we also get a terrific appearance from Fritz Feld who gets to pop his mouth like in every other TV show he appeared in such as Lost in Space.

The action skips around and West and Arte get to go on a date at the end. Watch for the henchman rip his pants right up the backside as West punches him.

You can't miss it.

Unfortunately Gordon would injure himself in this episode and miss a few episodes

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West misses Artemus Gordon, 2 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll start by saying that this is a great episode of Wild but Martin's non-appearance throws you off a little.

Aidman is introduced as Pike, a new assistant that seems to know his way around Arte's stuff so well that he must be using Arte's costumes since he's living on the train.

But the great character is the timid 'fed' Bosley Cranston played by Pat Paulsen who happens to have the 'camera' of the title...a photographic memory.

Watching the three way dynamics as they attempt to pull off a quasi-mission impossible type crime is great stuff with gadgets popping out everywhere and Barry Atwater..the Vampire from 'Night Stalker' as the pool-playing villain. Great episode but you are left with the feeling that Martin is part of the magic of the show and that magic is missing.

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Watery West, 1 May 2008

I've always loved the stories of this show when they take place in San Francisco down on the water front. Of course it's not really San Francisco but a Paramount set in LA but the atmosphere they achieved was wonderful.

Add to that a sea monster destroying ships, Arte in his sea man disguise, West using ancient diving equipment and Ted Knight from the Mary Tyler Moore Show lurking around as a doomsayer and you've got yourself a wildly entertaining show.

The show was also written by Stephen Kandel who wrote episodes for just about every TV show that ever existed from Batman to The Incredible Hulk.

Unfortunately this was his only Wild Wild West script but it's a good one.

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Wild and Wilder, 1 May 2008

You have to love any television show that has the good sense to cast Sherry Jackson in it.

Fan favourite for being in so many genre shows on television she shines in this episode as Lola Cortez.

William Schallert, later of Hardy Boys fame plays the rotten old games master and as these supposed rich people all wander around in a room playing games and vying for gifts the boys have to find an explosive which will explode in a number of hours.

It really doesn't make any sense but the colors to the show are vibrant and everybody looks like they're having a great time making it.


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Go West!, 30 April 2008

Well here we go with the running, jumping, episode. Never in any other episode will you see more of James West moving around as much as this show. There is much to like in this episode, what with Simon Oakland, who was terrific in The Night Stalker, as the heavy Diamond Dave, Arte in disguise as a con artist preacher, Norbit the creepy woman-loving book-keeper and a script by the wonderful Paul Playdon who wrote a lot of the better Mission Impossibles it is a good episode let down by a weak finale. This is also the episode where Conrad nearly died in a very bad fall and it's all on camera for you to see. And boy it looks nasty. Overall good stuff.

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Arabian Artemus, 30 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Two episodes in and the series is travelling along fine. There's a lot to admire in this show. West coming to the rescue of the maiden in distress by scooping her up out of the fire with a gadget that Batman would use in a similar fashion in Burton's classic years later.

Kevin Mc Carthy, a fan fave since the Invasion of the Body Snatchers sliming it up as the bad guy.

An explosive so powerful,' could destroy the world.'

Artie's hilarious playing of the musical instrument and the great comedy with the record skipping.

This is what the Wild wild west is all about.

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