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This is what you get when you loose half the pages of the Ocean's 11 Script., 18 April 2002

I rented this movie knowing it wouldn't be what I hoped for. But, because I like Elvis, Kurt Russel, Kevin Costner and even Kevin Pollak, I thought it was hard for this movie NOT to entertain me. Well, in fact, it did entertain. Partially. Kurt Russel STILL looks extremely cool in Presley-outfit, but why they chose Costner to play the ultimate bad-ass, I'll never understand. Costner is the kind of actor that makes you think everything's gonna be OK at some point in a movie, because he is, and will stay, a 'feel-good'actor. But the character he portrays here is totally over the top. He hates everything, including kids! That just didn't work for me. Russel on the other hand, does his underrated best to make things work, but due to a lame script and some totally incredible plot-twists, he falls short. The first 25 minutes are promising, but Slater and Arquette get offed much too early, leaving Russel, Costner and Cox with a predictable and overstretched "Good-badguy / Bad-badguy / Desperate chick" cliche... So, if you like Elvis Presley, Kurt Russel, Kevin Costner and MTV-style-brainless, multi-angle, over-edited filming, see this one, but keep that fast-forward button close at hand.

Once you've seen the intro, you WILL ask yourself this question: "Did I just see two insects fighting Matrix-Style?"

Half Baked (1998)
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One of the best comedies I've ever seen!, 18 March 2002

The only negative part of this movie, is that it ends. I don't care who or what you are, if you can't enjoy something like this, there must be something wrong with you! It's no Oscar-material, just plain excellent entertainment that keeps you laughing on and on and on and...