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Waco (1966)
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Waco: Classic story, great cast, great writing, 15 January 2002

Waco is one of the all-time great westerns. Waco boasts an outstanding all-star cast, one of the finest ever assembled for a western film. (Look especially for fine performances from John Agar as Councilman George Gates, Wendell Corey as Preacher Stone and Anne Seymour as the irrepressible Ma Jenner!) John Smith and DeForest Kelley combine to form a convincing pair of villains!

Keel treads a fine line as he portrays the psychologically complex Waco, a man torn between his violent past, his love for a woman, and his newfound faith in God. Jane Russell is as captivating as ever. Jeff Richards is great as Kallen.

Don't forget to take note of the stirring "Ballad Of Waco" sung at the opening and during the close by Lorne Greene.

Waco is truly a feast for the western fan. Veteran Director R.G. Springsteen can carve a notch on his six gun for this one! ("Chokin' on your own stench, huh?")

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An intriguing exploration of the dark side of the human psyche, 15 January 2002

Twisted Brain is a low budget film with a lot to say about the human condition. A young latter-day Dr. Jekyll, Vernon Potts is brilliantly portrayed by Pat Cardi. Pushed to the breaking point, Potts lashes out against everyday injustices, prejudices and petty torments. The screenplay is witty, sophisticated and disturbing.

This is a film you will not soon forget. Director Stouffer gets a big thumbs up here. (The paper cutter scene is delicious!)