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Loved it, 17 July 2007

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Now all of the Harry Potter films are wonderful and kept many fans wanting more. I found this movie most likely my favorite so far in the series (The third book is my favorite). I felt it was a little bit slow in the beginning and there wasn't much fighting scenes until the end, but all in all, it was very deep. I found the heaviness of this movie made it greater than the others. Of course, they left out things that were in the book, which drives me crazy. But i understand that if they threw everything in, it would turn out to be a twenty hour film, as well with the other four movies. I really enjoyed this one, it was emotional, humorous, exciting, fun, and magical. I like how in this film, the makers interpreted in their own way how Voldemort tried to get to Harry, by trying to possess him in the end, very creative.

My Life (1993)
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Just simply a beautiful story, 23 May 2007

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This movie just blew me away. It was such an incredible life-comparison film. It guided you to the core of a deep relationship between a man and a woman who are going through a difficult family crisis. I for one can compare my life to this film, i've been through a a very difficult time where i was losing both my grandparents and it's very, very hard to deal with.

I think, in some cases, it's difficult to make an emotional tragedy film (along with other genres too, of course), and i'm very proud of the actors, writers, producers, and every single person involved in "My Life" because they couldn't have made it any greater than it already is.

This film instantly delivers you into its atmosphere and shows you reality. Life isn't fair, and we all have to live it that way. Many individuals take advantage of life, but you don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore.

Bob Jones: "Dying's a really hard way to learn about life".

My personal opinion of what i think this quote means is that dying shows you how great and brutal life can be and it should be an honor that you have had the chance of experiencing it, even though death is frightening.

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Just absolutely amazing!!, 22 May 2007

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"Moulin Rouge!" was an outstandingly wonderful film, just absolutely amazing. One of the best movies i've seen in my entire life time. The music was simply fabulous, how they mixed different songs and made it sound fantastic. Also with an unbelievable story line and a strong cast, this movie was clearly a box office smash hit. I know that many others, myself included, fell in love with this movie the very moment it ended. It's hard not to get lost in the atmosphere this film creates, with all the romance, comedy, and the tragical moments. The casting couldn't have been picked better,They just did such a great job in making this film.

Moulin Rouge! is about a song writer named Christian, played by heartthrob Ewan McGregor, who poses as a professional bohemian play writer for the show "Spectacular, Spectacular" which Satine, played by the stunning Nicole Kidman, stars in as the lead Broadway actress. The two develop passionate love for one another but know that their romance is forbidden for Satine is supposed to seduce and be-wed the jealous Duke who will grant her wish to becoming a real actress.

I voted this movie 10/10 but honestly my original vote broke the rating scale.

Epic Movie (2007)
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A disaster, 22 May 2007

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"Epic Movie" is a spoof of numerous films combined together, such as Narnia, X-men, The Da Vinci Code, Nacho Libre, and so on. Spoof movies have gotten worse since "The Scary Movie" series, which were quite hilarious, except the 4th one which wasn't as funny. "epic movie" had very weak comedy and was just a completely boring movie that i didn't find humorous at all, there were maybe a few chuckles here and there but other than that it was a waste of money and time and i can assure you that the box office didn't get much for this one. If some of you still want to see the film, you're lucky that you didn't waste your money to see it in theaters and are able to rent it for a cheap price. It's unfortunate for the actors that they were involved in this film, most of them could probably do so much better in other films instead of being stuck in a failure like this one.