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A Simple Plan (1998)
Lot more than "good little thriller"
16 March 2004
This movie is actually not a thriller. It has the elements of thriller, black comedy, (family) drama, character study, etc. It's not a Fargo-ripoff, either. Sam Raimi is a great director on his own right, and this movie is his masterpiece. He has done many good movies (don't count Spiderman), but this one is surely the best. The performances are great. The script is perfect. The direction is superb.

It's a lot better than you'd expect.

The thing I loved in this one, are the small surprises. No one turn out to be who you thought he/she was.

I think of this movie mainly as a character study and drama. Great film.

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Has some good scenes, but this is a BAAAD movie!
24 April 2002
The title above says, that this movie has some good scenes, and that is true. Scene"s" in this case means two scenes. One of the is stolen from "A clockwork orange", the other one is a tarantinoesque idea.

The actors are not bad, though, and Andrzej Sekula is a great cinematographer, but for those, who haven't read the original (and otherwise also bad) novel, this is just a cartoon. At least Ellis' (bad) novel had some thought to say. In a wrong way as a matter of fact, but this movie transforms the original material into an empty-minded, "Alfred Hitchcock presents"-type satire and not into a satirical, but vile experience in darkness, as it should be. If you want to know, how disturbing the novel is, watch the hungarian movie "Nexxt" instead. It's not an adaptation, but it's a lot closer to the original material and it's also not a great movie, but it is better and a lot more artistic.
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Ripacsok (1981)
Great movie!
19 April 2002
"Ripacsok" is a great movie with great soundtrack, acting, cinematography, direction, etc. The world of "artists", hamming actors, good clowns and bad clowns... A unique movie in many ways. Pál Sándor is a very good hungarian director, watch his movies (especially the slightly better "Régi idõk focija") if you have the chance.
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