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The Divide (2011)
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Shocking, twisted, brilliant., 30 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As I finished watching The Divide, I realized how much the film had affected me. My stomach had been in knots for nearly two hours straight. Let me also say that I'm not easily this affected by movies.

I don't like gore for the sake of gore, and Xavier Gens does an excellent job of keeping some violence off-screen (to great effect), while delivering some very shocking scenes for our viewing (dis?)pleasure. There are sequences in this film that will cause even the most steady of stomachs to lurch out of sheer intensity more often than glorified gore. You can't ask for more than that out of what I could call a psychological horror flick.

I think the movie really makes the viewer think about the breakdown of humanity in this type of situation. It's easy to sit back and think, "They should be getting along, working together, being civil." But would you? Do you really think that, especially affected by radiation poisoning (and suffering it's consequences), you wouldn't lose your mind to some extent? When Eva leaves at the end, it's purely survival instinct. She'd kept her humanity longest, but ultimately she did what she had to do for herself. Just as all the other occupants of the shelter had been doing along the way.

The acting is extremely well-done. Michael Biehn, who is always at his best in intense roles, shines. I was unfamiliar with Michael Eklund until seeing this, but couldn't have been more impressed. Even Milo Ventimiglia, usually (IMO) pretty limited in range, provides one of the better villains I've seen on-screen in awhile.

Lauren German is... simply breathtaking. Her lead performance is excellent, but my God what a beauty to behold. By the finale, I appreciated a great deal that SHE was the one to step outside... this thing of beauty standing alone in the most horrific of scenarios. It's poetically fitting. There is no hope for mankind. There is no beauty. It's a hard ending to swallow, but after going through the journey, it is the perfect ending.

See this movie. It's worth your time. It's tough to watch at times, but excellent.