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It's time, time, time, time, time to go to school..., 9 October 2007

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I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to watch this series. I'd seen clips on Attack of the Show, even aware of this series before that due to it being on Rob Schrab's website. I admired him already from his work on Robot Bastard!. I was honestly worried that I wouldn't like this series. Then I watched it and loved it. The humor is a mix of clever as well as stupid, just enough of the two to work together. It takes one back to middle school, where people were insecure about themselves, trying to figure out who they are. Mixed in with sexy assassins, demon dads and evil school principals. The whole thing is colorful, sometimes crude, other times clever and almost always funny. It's not perfect, though. Some of the jokes fall flat, while others soar. Just as well, this is definitely not for everyone. I recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of weirdness and humor.