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List of every movie where the plot revolves around kidnapping and hostage taking scenarios, GENERALLY excluding films with mere incidental Hostage/Kidnapping scenes. In order of personal preference based on realism and impactfulness
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I am using the term (one hit wonder) somewhat liberally, in that I may include directors who have made no more than two widely available feature films. Equally, a director who has made two or less feature films and multiple shorts can be found here: shorts almost never will be considered in this list unless they're longer and somewhat acclaimed. Directors who have done up to four feature films with only one being widely available, or directors who have done up to three, with one standing out significantly above the rest, will also be included.

Each film scoring a 4 or 5 in a given category receives a star for that category.

✦ The green category ✦ rates the integrity of a film's screenplay, plot development and believability.

explained: I deem this category the most important, as without a solid sensible plot, all you have is a hodgepodge of badly connected scenes, regardless of their individual worth where the lines between surrealism and simply badly planned directing can be blurred. For feature films, this is integral.

✦ The yellow category ✦ rates the quality of a film's directorial and cinematographic flair, style, power, and innovation in scene construction, which may also include dialogue and music.

explained: A film may not have a sensible plot, but its individual scenes may be outstanding examples of artistry.

✦ The orange category ✦ rates the talent and assets in a film, including acting talent, hair/makeup, special effects, anything that can often be boiled down to the film's budget, but ultimately, how that budget is made use of.

explained: Unfortunately, at the end of the day, the greater a film's budget, the less likely it is to be a flop. Producers can always churn out a well funded formula based film, largely lacking in substance that will always please viewers adequately and make tonnes of money.

✦ The red category ✦ is to rate how much I personally simply enjoyed the film.

explained: It is intended as somewhat of a recap of the other three categories, but also goes to show, that try as we might, we can never be completely objective. More importantly though, sometimes the viewer simply likes or dislikes a film, and the reasons are not always easy to identify, or simply too complex to list. it could be a point of interest when the rating of this category diverges from the median of the other three.
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Movies that I KNEW would be horrible, had very little substance, were stupidly conceived or badly directed beyond belief, and had little to no redeeming factors, which for some reason beyond human comprehension, I managed to allow myself to view from start to finish in their entirety like the mindless vapid automaton that I am. One of the truest "worst" lists you'll ever see. Definitely listed from worst to bad.
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This list is to commemorate the many thwarted heroes who failed in the noble art of fornication without consent, and thus instead were greeted with extreme pain if not worse. Rape on, fallen heroes.... Rape On. Scenes from films listed in order of the severity of the cockblocking. NO actual penetration allowed.
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These titles contain scenes, themes, and general human behaviour which can be described as "perverted" in the broader sense, relating to the human psyche, and as such, not exclusively examples of sexual perversion, as there are many forms of perversion existing in the human mind which provoke shock, disgust, disbelief, and bewilderment in the average viever. A fair definition of the word "perversion" in the sense I am applying it would be: aspects of the human psyche and/or human behaviour deviating greatly from what is regarded as normal or right.

As such, activities or behaviours which can be seen as commonplace enough to be part of mainstream will not be served to place films in this list, such as strict homosexuality or less extreme themes and situations involving older/younger relationships for example. Also, with the assumption that mere sexual promiscuity, sexual play, and sexual experience does not in and of itself constitute perversity, only films with extreme instances of sexual indulgence, non consensual acts, acts involving deep psychological manipulation, acts involving severe physical damage, and acts which are truly far outside the norm, shall be included.

The films are overall listed in order of perversity and certainly not ordered by quality, with the assumption that in the following order; murder for pure gratification, necrophilia, cannibalism, rape, bestiality, extreme paedophilia, other fringe forms of sexual deviancy, followed by psychological perversity, are things which the general population finds perverted in this order of severity, and that the perversity of each film is of course amplified by any combination thereof, while keeping in mind that there may be some films that belong here that I have not yet seen. Now let's have some fun...
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Every home invasion movie, in order of personal preferance based on realism and how hard hitting they are, GENERALLY aiming for movies central to home invasion scenarios rather than fims with mere home invasion scenes.
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The purpose of this list is to examine the subject of killing sprees in films, and how they relate to changing society, and societal views and values.

The films will be listed chronologically to demonstrate this, and as such, only films which have at least a reasonably realistic premise will be added, and none that involve fantasy, or anything too over the top. Neither will I include slasher films which don't show the killer or offer any insight into his or her thoughts, as these films are merely made for blood and gore, and can't really be seen as portraying an aspect of society in most cases.
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A list of all the films I have seen that I consider to be good, based largely on believability and realism, listed in the order of my own personal preference, which GENERALLY is a good indicator of the quality of the director, the actors, and the emotional depth and impactfulness in the films. Indeed, any film I have seen that conveys a subject coherently without seeming in any way slapped together will be on here. This list tends to shy away from films with fantasy elements and contains no documentaries.
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This list aims to be a very concise and specific compilation of films involving the given theme unlike most others.
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I got the impulse to make this list after I saw someone else's list which was mourning famous people who died prematurely, and realised that many were fat and died as a result of cardeovascular problems, so I promptly decided to pay tribute to the many fat men out there who bring joy to the world in their craft... or something like that.

Listed In order of importance and jolliness, not fatness.

P.S. I wanted to add Santa Clause as #1, but according to IMDB he is not a real person.
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All of my personal favorite movie scenes which deal with either pervasive subjects, scenes where characters are taken to the extreme, or some sort of psychological mindplay between the characters. Very often these are scenes of close knit tension between 2 characters, and heavy in dialogue.