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Ringmaster (1998)
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Horrible but hilarious..., 8 November 2004

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OK, people, honestly... this gotta be one of the worst movies about show biz that's ever been made, but I've been laughing myself silly (which may be why I enjoyed it). Basically, it's all about sex, sex and a way to get your own personal 15 minutes of fame. Did I mention that sex was a major issue in this movie? If you have a thing going for bizzzzare characters and easy entertainment, watch this movie when you get the chance (and don't have something better to do).

***Attention spoilers!!!*** The funniest thing on the movie was the guy who asked Jerry whether he could marry his goat (!) on the show and flashing his wallet with his love's pictures. A triple A for bad taste and fun!

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One word... awful!, 18 March 2002

Although I am not a purist or any other kind of radical as well as usually abstaining from strong language I am forced to say just one thing...: THIS FLICK SUCKS!!! The story is not only as cheesy as the Sherwood is green, it is so predictable that you have uncovered the plot after 10 minutes... if you haven't fallen asleep after the first 5... If you have the choice between seeing this "movie" and staring at a pure white wall for 2 hours... watch the wall!

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Unexpected, but hoped for, 12 January 2002

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If asked which books I'd take with me on a lonely island, the "Lord of the Rings" would certainly be one of them. I've read and re-read Tolkien's works over and over again and by now I have a pretty clear picture of what Middle Earth is "supposed" to look like (for me, at least). All the more I was anxious to see the movie, not because of the story, but because of the adaptation. And while the movie may or may nor be one of the greatest movies of all time, it is definitively one of the best literature adaptations of all time. The Shire looks lively and "lived in", Bag End presents a warmth and charm that made me want to move in and Gandalf... well, Gandalf is just the way I remember and envision him myself (and many other fans of the book, I guess). McKeller has done an amazing job! My personal hope was not to be disappointed (high expectations). And I wasn't! I had a fantastic time watching it and I am looking forward to Part II and III.

Attention Spoiler:

I have missed the original form of the poem. The adaptation was adequate, but still... Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky... unbeatable!