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One of the worst movie i have ever seen., 1 March 2003

Now i know why The Foreigner is not in the theatres. Straight to video store is giving this movie face. This movie has bad acting, no plot and lousy action. Steven Seagal i use to like is definitely showing his age and is on the decline. Himself and his movies in the last 3 years in my opinion is going downward spinal. This movie is over 2 hours and 90 percent i am so confused and have no idea what it wants. For example, the biggest crap is Seagal nemesis is shot by him ones and then shot 3 times by another guy falls out of the window 40 feet and both times he's alive and well. I guess he's iron man or a cat does have 9 lives. Then at the end in a short so call lousy fight or battle Seagal karate chops him once near the chest game over he's dead. That tells you about the movie. Even a rental is a waste of your money and time. Go watch Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie yen or even Mark Dascascos action movies if you want to be entertain then this crap.

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Re: Lousy movie, 3 February 2002

This is such a lousy movie man. Not worth watching it at all in my opinion. When i was in Honh Kong this Christmas i thought it would have been cool and awesome but it was off very fast. The rating there were bad and i thought no way. I was disappointed when it was off that fast and really want to watch it one day. Then just yesterday Feburary 2, 2002 my sister brought it on dvd and i was so surprised that is out so fast. I watch it and it bore me to death for the whole hour and a half. No bright spot in this movie at all in my mind and no wonder it was off the theatre so damn fast and the rating was right on. Out of 10 in my opinion i rated it 2.5 and a D- movie. Not worth paying to watch it but renting it is fine to me. Is a science fiction type movie and the action sucks like crap. No acting, plot and it make no sense. I hated the movie the one but this is even worse cause at least Jet Li can fight. The only thing is a bright spot at least it has a pretty girl to watch in Gigi Leung. That's it.