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This show rocks!!!!=OD, 11 January 2002

The undergrads is one of the best shows i have ever seen.With its realistic yet funny antics its packed with laughter!!Theres cal-the slick,hip babe magnet,rocko-the one who makes an ass of himself,gimpy-the star wars fanatic who will never leave his room and nitz-the one who seems to usually be embarrased by his friends but still sticks by them,not to mention the crush he has had on kimmy since high school.These guys have known each other since well birth.They have just started collage and as freshmen try to cope with the wierd traditions and being accepted,like i said this is realistic yey full of funny,wierd antics.

This show just started about a week ago in australia on the comedy channel,so if the makers of this show is reading this please keep making more undergrads as i would love to see more and more,i just cant get enough!!

And the tunes for the show!!OMG what can i say...THEY ROCK!!!GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCK!!im sooooo GLAD they do the theme and are involved with the show,its because of Good Charlotte that i know about the show,if it wasnt for Good Charlotte i would have never known undergrads was on.

Well this show is one of the best i have ever seen,so please keep supporting the undergrads pplz!!ill try and do my part by getting as many pll as possible into it here in aus. Well,keep supporting undergrads,good charlotte and keep the pride alive,Peace out,amanda!!!=OD