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Traitor (2008)
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thoroughly enjoyed the film, 25 February 2008

i was lucky enough to be part of the "first audience" to catch this at a pre-screening, and i have to say that i really enjoyed this film. i don't know anything else i could really say. it was suspenseful, had great twists, the acting was superb, and was a great story. Don Cheatle was amazing as ever, but i don't want to give away any spoilers at all so i wont say anything about the characters. what i will say is that Jeff Daniels for sure needed more character development. of course Guy Pierce was great, and what came as a semi-surprise was Saïd Taghmaoui's performance. very well-done by the cast and if Steve Martin is really the man who came up with the idea, he needs to keep churning 'em out. Traitor was a fit name for the film, and i would recommend it to all of you reading this.

9 1/2 out of 10

The Ruins (2008)
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not bad, 25 February 2008

i went into this expecting an American horror film...and thats what i got. i was told that the book was really great, and scary for a book, so i figured it'd make a pretty good thriller. and i forewarn, i get scared really easily. i saw this one about 3 weeks ago at an advance screening and it was pretty well done. suspenseful throughout, but could lose some things that bunch it into that American horror type genre...the nudity. all American horror has nudity where it simply is not needed. now i know that its been a constant since the 70s horror flicks, but in something like this, as well as most other, its just unnecessary. like i said the suspense was good and i liked the fact that the "killer" wasn't something they could really fight back against for the most part. it was entertaining and had a pretty good, rare kind of ending. probably worth the $10 if you like a cheap scare

10,000 BC (2008)
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Just okay, 20 February 2008

I saw this a few months ago at an advance screening and was really excited. disappointed. Enough said. It just really wasn't that great. The CGI, on a lighter note, was amazing of course, and sadly, the highlight of the movie. I just feel like it was trying too hard to be an "epic" and didn't concentrate enough on development. It might be the most simple plot outline I've seen recently, making it bland. It was kinda slow, the story was pretty lame, and the two "lead actors"(Camilla Belle, and Steven Strait) looked like they were almost in black-face makeup, or just really dirty, but with makeup, not dirt. It was entertaining, however brutally boring it seemed you want to see what happens in the end. And Cliff Curtis was pretty good. But he always is. Last note; the two aforementioned "leads" aren't very good actors. sorry, but 4.5 of 10