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two thumbs down, 19 March 2011

How can such a great, eerie story be presented in such a bad, boring way. And its even more sad to see that this movie is brought to us by one of the masters of suspense, De Palma.I think that directors should be getting better as they are getting older, but not De Palma. If the genre says thriller, mystery it should be thrilling and mysterious not dull and confusing.The central characters are also very superficial and it looks like they came to promote their hair rather than tell a story.

In conclusion my advice to you is to skip this title. This is not entertainment and the movies should at least be entertainment if they're not art.

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Now this is the real horror!, 16 September 2008

Now this is the real horror!

The story,camera,acting are classics and sometimes really poor, but the atmosphere in the movie is priceless and unforgettable. Even the score is fantastic,It's rear but it's there. Rade Serbedzija is great and only one who seams to have fun. And the begging of the movie is just simply excellent. Variola Vera is an absolutely merciless horror drama, a movie so real and scary that,it keeps you nervous and jumpy rather than pleasurably excited, and it's a classic.

The one and only authentic Serbian horror movie!

I love it !

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Dark...very dark!, 31 July 2008

OK. First I am a BIG fan of BATMAN and especially batman villains. To me JOKER is even bigger than the good guy. And I have 5 elements that are the key to a great movie: direction, story, music, acting and atmosphere in the movie. And the Batman saga is all about atmosphere. I watch all 6 BATMAN movies. Tim Burton was good. Joel Schumacher had some good moments in the 3 but blow up at 4 batman. Christopher Nolan is bad. His Batman Begins was bad. The Dark Knight isn't's dead. THIS MOVIE IS DEAD! Shore it's a expensive project but do something with the money!I don't wanna pay a ticket to see a trailer lasts 2.5 hours.The story is the center not the stupid special effects!I love Batman and I still believe in Hollywood,but he is bringing me down and down... Dark...very dark!

Porky's (1981)
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Laugh mom!, 16 December 2007

First I read the review that Maltin and Ebert gave for this movie.They were bad.But they were wrong! Porky's is a great old school comedy! It's about friendship,It's about girls,It's about life and how life should be like:JOKES,JOKES,JOKES!!! Having fun with your friends,having fun with girls and yes having fun with your enemies!!! I really liked this movie,it made me laugh;showed that you cannot solve all your problems by your self...If your friend is drunk,help him,if your friend is beat up,stand by his side,if you have a problem with girls perhaps your buddy will help you... Maltin,Ebert go watch Casablanca one more time.You missed something,there's no jokes,no shower and no Porky's!!!

Thrashin' (1986)
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Thrashin, 15 November 2007

THRASHIN' is The Movie! Everything is right in this '80 classic. There are greater movies. More profound movies. Movies of greater artistic vision or originality or political significance. There are other titles I would put above it on my list of the best films of all time. But when it comes right down to the movies we treasure the most, when we are—let us imagine—confiding the secrets of our heart to someone we think we may be able to trust, the conversation sooner or later comes around to the same nine words: "Well what do you thrash?" "What do you got!" Life shod be like Thrashin': not to complicated,with good friends,not so bad enemies,sweet girlfriend and YES a happy ending !!! My candidate for the best Hollywood '80. movie.Good race!!!